MPS: It’s More Important than You Think

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Using managed print services (MPS) presents a wide variety of benefits. Some of these benefits, like reduced energy costs and lower printing bills, will be obvious, but others aren’t so apparent. The thing about MPS is that it offers more than just surface level benefits, which is why MPS is more important than you think….Read Full Article

MPS Enables You to Achieve More with Less


Despite the technological takeover of today’s offices, printers still play a pivotal role in success. While the value of printers is obvious, the benefits aren’t always consistent. Between paper jams, low ink levels, connectivity issues, and uncontrolled costs, printing isn’t always smooth sailing. Eliminating problems like these is why so many businesses and organizations are…Read Full Article

Getting the Most out of Your Office Printer

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If your office printer is a multifunction device (MFD) and you’re just using it to print fliers, copy reports, and scan some files, you’re not using your office printer to its full potential. Underutilization of an office printer isn’t uncommon. Plenty of companies only use the print and copy features, even though they paid for…Read Full Article

The Right Paper for Your Business and Equipment Needs


The paper you use in copiers or printers has a big effect on the final product and can impact the usability of your office equipment. When picking paper, start by considering how it’s going to be used. High-speed copiers and printers require higher quality paper than a 15-print-per-minute machine. Color quality can differ significantly depending…Read Full Article

Service Levels Can Make or Break Office Productivity


When picking a new fleet of copiers, multifunctional products or printers, the quality of the service contract is just as vital as the quality of the product. All vendors say they have the best service, but how can you be sure a vendor can back it up after you sign the contract? It takes a…Read Full Article

What to Consider before Your Next MFD Purchase


Multifunction devices, or MFDs, offer big benefits in a small package. The nominal footprint of an all-in-one machine removes the need for separate standalone printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines, saving your business space and money. With these features and capabilities, how can you know which MFD is best for you? Printing – When picking…Read Full Article

Data Security Mistakes Small Businesses Need to Avoid


While every business in the world is vulnerable to data security risks, small businesses have a smaller margin for error and can’t afford the high costs associated with a data breach like larger companies might be able to. However, most small businesses are not prepared to deal with security risks. Only 14% of small businesses…Read Full Article

Financial Benefits of Managed IT

managed IT

Managed IT services can include everything from remote monitoring and backup disaster recovery, to cloud computing and 24/7 help desk support. These features give unbelievable value to companies, but many are hesitant to switch to an outsourced managed IT service. However, studies show that switching to managed IT can provide considerable financial benefits in a…Read Full Article

Modern Document Retention Begins with Business Strategies

document retention

Modern document retention should consider not only physical documents and storage problems, but electronic documents and legal needs as well. In today’s office environment, there are several standards that document retention programs need to meet. Documents need to be organized with a multi-level classification hierarchy, destroyed securely, and meet all federal, state, local, and industry…Read Full Article

Standalone Scanner or MFD?


Organizations today pick between two kinds of equipment when using distributed scanning solutions: standalone network scanners, and multifunction devices (MFDs) with scanning capabilities. MFDs offer a high level of usability because they also have copy and print functions. In the past, MFDs were mainly used for copying and printing, but now more and more businesses…Read Full Article