Getting the Most out of Your Office Printer

office printer

If your office printer is a multifunction device (MFD) (also known as “the office copier”) and you’re just using it to print fliers, copy reports, and scan some files, you’re not using it to its full potential. Underutilization of an office printer isn’t uncommon. Plenty of companies only use the print and copy features, even though they paid for an office printer that can do much more. By using multi-tasking features, companies can ensure they get the most out of their office printers.

Companies that want to better utilize their office printers should take the following steps.

  • Workflow Automation- By adding a few software upgrades to the office printer’s scanning feature, you can fully automate workflows that would otherwise take immense manual effort.
  • Maximize Faxing – Send files directly to desktops on your network via faxing to increase productivity and improve your ability to collaborate with employees on projects.
  • Get the Apps – Some office printers will come equipped with Internet connectivity and app capabilities, which opens the door to do a lot of great things. Upload a file to your CMS by using simple, user-friendly apps at the MFD and track print outputs to find inefficiencies.
  • Use Industry-Specific Solutions – Lots of office printers let you customize and enhance the devices for your industry. There are office printer solutions for education, healthcare, legal, government, and many more. For example, advanced education software allows teachers to print bubble sheet tests on demand and grade the exams in minutes, and highly secure healthcare software allows doctors to print prescriptions with anti-copy and anti-counterfeit features.
  • Upgrade to Managed Print Services- Office printers are complicated pieces of technology and if you really want to get the most out of your office printer, learn about managed print services (MPS). This service will help you control printing costs and save thousands on your printing bill.