MPS Enables You to Achieve More with Less


Despite the technological takeover of today’s offices, printers still play a pivotal role in success. While the value of printers is obvious, the benefits aren’t always consistent. Between paper jams, low ink levels, connectivity issues, and uncontrolled costs, printing isn’t always smooth sailing. Eliminating problems like these is why so many businesses and organizations are making the switch to managed print services (MPS). Doing so allows businesses to outsource the management of their printing environment.

By shifting the day-to-day duties of keeping the fleet up and running to the hands of trained professionals, companies don’t have to worry about managing and optimizing devices to maximize uptime, ensuring access to the right technology, and keeping printers operating at peak efficiency.

MPS will help companies achieve more with less.

No more service or supply headaches

Expensive downtime leading to logjams in workflows will be a thing of the past thanks to regular servicing that will spot and stop problems before they happen. With MPS, print supplies link ink and toner are automatically ordered before you ever see a low ink alert.

Affordable and predictable billing

By replacing outdated print equipment and decreasing the amount of wasteful printing, MPS can cut up to 30% off a company’s print bill. MPS also uses fixed monthly invoices that allow customers to budget better without surprise expenses.

Increase data security

Data security is a top concern for companies of all sizes and in every industry. Thankfully, MPS can help secure documents at one of the most commonly overlooked vulnerabilities – the printer. Using rules-based printing, which requires user authentication through a PIN or ID badge to retrieve files, and system monitoring to see who’s printing and what they’re printing, are just two ways MPS can improve a company’s data security.

Through benefits such as these and numerous others, Managed Print Services allows businesses of all sizes to achieve more with less.