Managed Print Puts Costs in the Can

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Most office printers aren’t being managed and companies are missing opportunities to control operational costs. To help track, control, and enhance the total cost of ownership of print environments, companies can use new managed print software tools and services. These tools and services enable us to help customers successfully manage their office print devices to…Read Full Article

Keeping Your Head in the Cloud


Using the cloud opens a lot of doors, and greatly expand opportunities for efficiency. However, as with any new terrain, it’s important that companies know how to navigate safely. Jumping into the cloud without a proper understanding of how it works can put the company’s data in jeopardy. By sharing technical resources, data security, privacy,…Read Full Article

Let ECM Improve Your Workflow


It’s in every company’s best interest to get more efficient and streamlined. One way organizations can achieve this goal is by using Electronic Content Management (ECM) to convert paper documents into electronic files. This allows companies to store files in one central location, enabling access by employees at any time from almost anywhere. An ECM…Read Full Article

How Much Are Lost Documents Costing You?

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When an important document goes missing, you have to spend valuable time sorting through stacks of paper and bottomless filing cabinets—tasks that quickly become frustrating for busy professionals. According to recent studies from PricewaterhouseCoopers, 7.5% of all business documents get lost and 3% get misfiled. Lost documents not only cost you time and energy, but…Read Full Article

Eliminate the Potholes on the Road to Document Management


Despite living in the information age, organizing and managing the huge amount of data that companies produce can be a difficult challenge. Electronic content management (ECM) has become instrumental to businesses around the globe. An ECM solution is the best way to empower your business to efficiently manage its data. However, there are potholes you…Read Full Article