Managed Print Puts Costs in the Can

cut cost

Most office printers aren’t being managed and companies are missing opportunities to control operational costs. To help track, control, and enhance the total cost of ownership of print environments, companies can use new managed print software tools and services.

These tools and services enable us to help customers successfully manage their office print devices to decrease costs and increase productivity. Managed print services will help companies streamline the management of their print environment, maximize results, and reduce the total printing costs. Companies who use managed print services can see savings of up to 30 percent on printing costs.

One way managed print cuts costs is by helping customers understand exactly how much they’re spending on print, including consumables. Manage print services can help companies optimize decisions like where to move a device, when to take it out of service, and whether color or multifunction is needed.

When used correctly, the data collected from all the print devices on the network can help lower the total cost of ownership and manage devices more effectively. One of the best aspects of managed print services is that these savings can be realized by companies of all sizes. From local businesses with a few hundred employees to national companies with locations spread across the country, managed print services can put costs in the can.