How Managed Network Services Can Help Your IT Department Thrive

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When marketed to about the benefits of using a third-party managed network service solution, many organizations may scoff a bit and say, “But I already have an IT department. Why would I need to hire another one?” While this typical reply is understood, it comes from a place of ignorance about the benefits of managed…Read Full Article

Taking A Look At The JD Young SMARTPRiNT™ System

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If you’ve ever worked in an office, there’s a very good chance you’ve had a fairly negative encounter with an office printer. Taking a step back to look at office printer service on a company-wide scale, issues with office printers can be a terrible headache on many levels. Maintenance costs alone to keep an organizations’…Read Full Article

How To Rollout a New Business Solutions System

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Even as so many of us will eagerly shell out hundreds for the latest new-fangled mobile device or smart device for our home, you’d think that new innovations in managing digital documents would garner the same excitement in our places of work. Sadly, this kind of enthusiasm rarely carries over to the world of business…Read Full Article

“What The Heck Is An SSL Certificate?”

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As you browse websites online, especially on Chrome web browsers, you may be alerted that the website you’re looking at is not secure. “Not secure? How can a website not be secure?” In this piece, we’re going to answer some frequently asked questions related to SSL certification and how it can impact your online experience….Read Full Article

Why Is Data Security Compliance Important For Organizations?

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You’ve probably heard stories in the news on a fairly regular basis about an organization’s data being compromised in a cyber attack. In efforts to steal data online, acquiring data security compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as well as other security standards has become a higher priority for businesses large and small….Read Full Article

The Advantages of Data Infrastructure Consolidation for Businesses

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While digital files have long replaced physical documents for many businesses, the amount of data captured and utilized by businesses has skyrocketed. This ease of accessibility of data for businesses has resulted in a high level of workplace flexibility. In order to facilitate access to company documents and other data at a moment’s notice, workers…Read Full Article