Taking A Look At The JD Young SMARTPRiNT™ System

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If you’ve ever worked in an office, there’s a very good chance you’ve had a fairly negative encounter with an office printer. Taking a step back to look at office printer service on a company-wide scale, issues with office printers can be a terrible headache on many levels. Maintenance costs alone to keep an organizations’ printers running are one of the first issues that come to mind, but the cost of paper, toner, and ink only add to the frustration. It’s with this in mind that JD Young’s Managed Print Services developed their SMARTPRiNT™ System.

When it comes to saving time and resources within an organization, knowledge is power. The SMARTPRiNT™ System is this idea realized in the form of powerful analytics to keep you in control of your company’s printing. The system uses remote monitoring to give organizations not only the “10,000-foot view” of their printing but also granular information about company-wide printer usage. Having such a wealth of data on printer operations helps organizations identify problem areas including device health and inefficiencies in the system. Use the data to configure more efficient device placements or to monitor print supply levels across your entire company. This overhead view saves personnel times usually used on manually making routine maintenance checks and meter readings.

Ok, so you’ve used the SMARTPRiNT™ System to identify problems in your company’s printing activities — now what? More than just a problem spotter, the SMARTPRiNT™ System gives you the power to tweak issues as they arise on a pinpoint level or to make sweeping changes across your system. The SMARTPRiNT™ System allows you to remotely shut down or start up devices at a moment’s notice or to notify JD Young’s experienced repair personnel when their services are needed.

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