How Managed Network Services Can Help Your IT Department Thrive

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When marketed to about the benefits of using a third-party managed network service solution, many organizations may scoff a bit and say, “But I already have an IT department. Why would I need to hire another one?” While this typical reply is understood, it comes from a place of ignorance about the benefits of managed network services — more specifically, about how these services can serve existing on-site IT departments.

Managed Networks Services provide your IT department with the necessary tools.

If business heads with existing IT departments seem like they’d be apprehensive about considering the help of a managed network services provider, that level of skepticism frequently pales in comparison to the reluctance of the IT department staff themselves. On the surface, considering such a service seems like you’d be looking for your replacement. In reality, IT department staff should be championing the use of a third-party managed network services provider. The abilities of your average IT department, while helpful, can be tremendously hindered by a lack of proper tools. Not wrenches and drills, but the network infrastructure and security tools made available are only as relevant as the last time an IT department head shopped around for new systems. Because third-party solutions have to base their selling proposition on having advanced technologies, they can offer the latest tools to IT departments who have sought out their services.

Managed Network Services free up IT departments to handle more delicate on-site issues.

While third-party managed network services providers can certainly provide a substantial amount of technical support, it’s always a great idea to have an on-site IT department to tackle problems specific to the daily operations of an organization. Outside services can help IT departments ensure their systems are functioning at peak efficiency with enhanced security and functionality while an on-site IT department can handle more immediately pressing concerns. Third-party systems can manage big-picture network concerns which can free up on-site IT departments to handle the more granular IT concerns.

Managed network services are certainly not meant to replace IT departments, but only to help them more efficiently do their jobs.