Electronic Content Management Expanding The Digital Workplace

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Electronic content management (ECM) systems have evolved in recent years. Not only are systems increasingly robust, but the flexibility of these data access points continues to grow. More than simply places to store and access standard business details, ECM systems have become the caretakers of the primary asset of many companies — intellectual property. As…Read Full Article

Understanding 4 IT Security Steps With Comparisons

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Beyond even the IT industry, cybersecurity concerns are the buzz of the business community in the modern era. Warren Buffet even says that threats to cybersecurity concern him more than the threat of nuclear war. It’s with this focus that we give this succinct overview of a few of the building blocks of a successful IT…Read Full Article

Addressing 4 Remote Worker Challenges With Technology

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There are many perks to using remote workers for your company. The increased flexibility allows you to utilize talent from practically any geographic region, workers enjoy the convenience of working from home, and organizations enjoy not needing to rent out quite as much office space. While there are many pros, using remote workers isn’t without…Read Full Article

This Huge Multifunction Device Setback Is Actually a Perk

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We’ll admit, having your own printer is nice. Nestled right in your office, you’re able to print whatever you want (according to your company protocol, anyway), whenever you want and pull the page hot off the rollers without even having to get out your seat. Enter the multifunction device — a larger machine capable of…Read Full Article

Printer Minimalism: Decluttering Your Printing Protocol

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One of the newest trends to combat compulsive consumerism is the philosophy of minimalism. This lifestyle boasts the freedom from “things” as its adherents do their best to maximize the usefulness of the few objects they own. While you may be wondering what on earth this concept has to do with your company’s printing protocol,…Read Full Article

How Help Desk Service Pays For Itself

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As data becomes a more substantial commodity for business, the well-oiled-machined of an IT infrastructure is key to an efficiently run company. One substantial snag in the process means wasted time and money. In this piece, we’re going to look at how IT Service Help Desk entities pay for themselves…and then some. Efficient Use of…Read Full Article

The Importance of Data Backup For Businesses

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When I was in college, I worked as a music instructor at a local music store. When I was interviewing for the position, the store manager’s mind seemed to be elsewhere. After asking me a few interview questions numerous times, he apologized. “I’m sorry — I can’t concentrate. One of our warehouse workers just rolled…Read Full Article

Establishing a Personal Printing Policy In The Office

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We’ve all been there — you’ve needed to print something for personal reasons and the massive multifunction printer is calling your name. You start doing the scheduling in your head to determine when would be the best time to print personal documents so as not to draw attention to such a potentially wasteful behavior. You…Read Full Article