Electronic Document Management In The Judicial System

robot with judges gavel

When most of us think about a lawyer or legal counsel, we imagine someone lugging around file folders bulging with papers. It is true that the legal world is still brimming with paperwork. Though this remains the case, electronic content management systems are making life much more manageable for lawyers, legal clerks, and the entire…Read Full Article

Sorted By a Robot: The Future of Content Management Via AI

robot reading a document with pen and magnifying glass

If you’ve ever had to upkeep a CMS, you can know how mind-numbing inserting tags or updating files can be. Whether a salesperson forgot to mention that a lead has reached out to them or that a customer has requested to stop receiving emails, making sure the CMS represents real life can feel like digital…Read Full Article

4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Developing a Company Brochure

reading a designed brochure

A French word derived from “brocher”, or to stitch a book, a physical brochure may feel like a marketing step backward these days. In this digital age, a gorgeous company brochure stands out by its ability to physically stick around. There’s no bounce rate with a physical handout. A great brochure is a return to…Read Full Article

4 Reasons Why Helpdesk Ticketing Systems Beat Email Requests

man in need of helpdesk ticketing system

Just as you get your coffee brewed and work tunes cranked up, you hop into your company’s system to get some work done. Whoops, it looks like the system is down due to some unforeseen issue. Your first instinct is probably to throw an email at your organization’s helpdesk or pick up the phone. What…Read Full Article