4 Cost-Cutting Printing Tips To Consider in 2019

piggy bank with ink printer cartridges

Printing can be expensive, but there are certainly ways to make it less expensive. By establishing some cost-cutting company-wide printing protocols, your organization can save some green both monetarily and environmentally. Here are just a few suggestions.

Tip 1: Reusable Forms To Be Scanned

Depending on the industry, there may be a myriad of forms that are regularly filled out by hand by patients, clients, and employees. These days, most handwritten paperwork is immediately scanned into a digital database with the paper copy thrown into a file. While these paper hardcopies provide a reliable backup, most just sit in space-hogging filing cabinets and are rarely accessed. Multi-tiered digital backup has rendered these hardcopy backups nearly obsolete (unless they are legally required). One way to kill two wasteful birds with one stone is by scanning reusable forms. By laminating common documents and having the patient, client, or team member fill out the form with a fine-point dry-erase pen, these forms can be scanned for digital use. After scanning, the documents are wiped clean and ready for use all over again.

Tip 2: Enact a Double-Sided Print Policy

If your team is printing multiple-page documents without printing on both sides of the paper, you’re essentially throwing whole sheets of paper away. Enacting a double-sided printer policy (or “printing in duplex” as it is sometimes referred), the amount of paper used will drop dramatically. The U.S. Government enacted this protocol and reported in 2013 that they saved $61 million a year.

Tip 3: Select Fonts That Use Less Ink & Toner

Not all fonts are created alike (especially not Comic Sans — which can make any budget proposal look like an advertisement for a lemonade stand). Certain fonts are toner-guzzlers while others sip ink and simultaneously provide a great reading experience. Gather some of your favorite eco-friendly fonts and create a printing font protocol for your company.

Tip 4: Use Thinner Copier Paper

Believe it or not, there is actually a difference between copier paper and printer paper — about 4lbs. a ream difference. Not only will this mean you spend less money on paper, but hauling it around will be that much friendlier on your back.

It may not seem to make sense for a printer provider to suggests ways to cut printing costs, we like to think of ourselves as your partner in business success. To learn more about how else we can save you money, reach out to our Multifunction Printing Devices Team.