4 Reasons To Consider Managed Print Services

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Managed Print Services (MPS) is the outsourcing of the management of print devices for an organization. Most who are familiar with Managed Print Services already know the benefits of such a service versus an organization managing their own printer devices. For others, the perks may not be as clearly evident. In this piece, we’re going…Read Full Article

What is Spear Phishing?

what is spear phishing

What do you think is the greatest threat to your company’s cybersecurity? Would you say weak passwords? Unsecured WiFi? Unsafe usage of IoT devices? Those are some pretty good guesses, but the top security threat to your company’s system is you. Email “phishing” attacks are still among the top cybersecurity threats to companies of all…Read Full Article

People Are Still Falling For This Oldschool Malware Trick

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It’s a beautiful day as you walk into work. The sky is blue, the birds are chirping, and you’ve got your favorite coffee blend in tow. As you walk through the parking lot of your building, you see something glimmering out of the corner of your eye. Sitting there in the parking lot, you see…Read Full Article

4 Consequences of Poor Data Management

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With information and ideas becoming a commodity in the business world, you’d think that more businesses would protect and manage these assets the way banks manage cash. The sad reality is that many businesses continue to fail their customers with poor data management — and it’s not who you’d expect. Large entities such as health…Read Full Article

Paper Vs Screen: Which Is The Better Reading Experience?

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The speed of information transfer has increased considerably with advances in technology. Though this is the case, our own retention of the information we consume has not increased. Even with terabytes of data storage (a unit of measure which I’m sure will date this piece) at our fingertips, we don’t seem to be comprehending information…Read Full Article

What is a Data Lake?

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Though there are real advantages to optimizing and structuring data formats, some would prefer to store data as-is without jumping through the processing hoops associated with optimization or structuring. For these data storage needs, a new trend in data management has popped up recent years called “data lakes.” In this piece, we’re going to look…Read Full Article