Managing IoT Security Challenges (+ 7 Helpful Tips)

iot security

More than ever, IoT has found its way into every nook and cranny of our lives. “IoT” stands for “Internet of Things.” An IoT device is any device connected to the internet for management or measurement. Items that we never thought to connect to the internet can now be controlled from anywhere. Tweak your home’s…Read Full Article

How To Choose The Best Printer Repair Specialists

printer repair technician

Like any machine, office printers will eventually require maintenance. Due to their complexity and specific needs, office printer repair and maintenance typically fall outside of the realm of responsibility of both IT technicians as well as maintenance professionals. In order to keep your office printers operating efficiently for years to come, you should know what…Read Full Article

How ECM Helps Managed Workflows

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When you have a great morning before you head into the office, the rest of your day seems to go a little bit better. The tasks that make a morning more restorative and energizing require a plan. Every plan requires a source. Like this, the workflow for your business requires the tools and information it…Read Full Article

Why Flatbed Scanners Ultimately Beat Phone-Based Scanners

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Some may be surprised that flatbed scanners are still being added to multifunction print devices. The reason for this surprise is because of the abundance of “scanner” apps available for both Apple and Android phone systems. Using these apps, you can scan any document, picture, or book page, edit it, and save it as a…Read Full Article

“Microsoft Office 2019 or Office 365?” A Quick Review

office 2019 or office 365

Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Gamefly. More than ever, people are happy to pay a monthly subscription to use content and it’s accompanying service rather than pay a higher rate and own the works for good. This is a system called the Subscription Economy. While this may make sense for TV shows and music, can the same…Read Full Article