Beyond The Polo: The Benefits of Branded Cold Weather Gear

branded hoodie

Take a second and imagine your first uniformed job. While this may have been mowing lawns in the summer or working in a burger joint, you definitely remember when you were given your first uniform. Even though you were told that you had the job, nothing made you feel like you were part of the team quite like that uniform. These days, maybe you and your employees don’t wear a uniform much at all…and many don’t want to. Still, there is a way to show your employees that they’re part of a greater team in a helpful way — branded cold weather gear. In this piece, we’re going to highlight some of the benefits of providing branded cold weather apparel for your team.

Branded jackets, hoodies, and coats are practical.

This benefit is about as straight-forward as it gets — branded hoodies, jackets, and coats are practical. When it is cold outside, your team is going to pull out the necessary apparel to keep them warm. Offering these branded elements to your team, even a team that has no uniform, won’t seem awkward, but rather a nice gesture. Everyone likes free stuff — especially when it’s higher quality.

Branded jackets increase pride in your brand among workers.

When you offer branded winter apparel to your workers, a good rule of thumb is to not make the wearing of this apparel required. Instead, offer high enough quality goods where they will want to wear the items voluntarily. Every time they put on their vest or someone comments about your brand on the jacket, your team will be reminded of how much their employer cares about them.

A high quality branded jacket is great marketing for your business.

Many items of more utilitarian cold weather apparel are designed to be highly visible. When you offer a higher quality jacket with your brand on the front, back, sleeve, or wherever you’d like to place it, your brand will be taken into places where it has not been before. The higher quality will also give a high-end impression of your company for those not as familiar with your brand.

Tips On Offering Branded Cold Weather Apparel

Keep the selection process unique to your team.

Before you put in an order of branded vests, jackets, or hoodies, take stock of your team. What is their style? Are you buying for a sales staff who may enjoy a vest that compliments their polo? Are you buying for a group of programmers and developers who may better enjoy a hoodie? Are you buying for a service department who may enjoy something more rugged that they can wear when making repairs in the elements? Go one step further and actually ask your teams what they’d actually wear outside of work.

Feel free to brand, but don’t go overboard on the company info.

Even though you want to be able to put your logo on items in order to get your name onto the streets, nobody wants to look like they’re wearing a uniform in their off-hours. Keep your logo smaller, aesthetically appealing, and contact info limited if listed at all. Remember that this isn’t a billboard or a business card. It’s more like a teaser trailer of greater things to come.