10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying an Office Printer

choosing a new office printer

Whether your department is tired of paper jams and streaky prints or you’re expanding, there will come a time when you need to select new printers for your office. Like other machines, no two office printers are exactly alike. Knowing what to look for can be confusing, so it is best to assess what your office needs. In this piece, we’re going to look at some questions your office can ask itself in order to determine what printer will fit the bill.

1. Do you need to frequently print images?

Some offices may need to be able to show creative ideas and photos to clients. Other offices may never need to print anything more complex than a simple company logo. Choosing a printer that can handle high-quality images can make life easier for creative services companies. Picking a printer that specializes in efficiently printing simple documents can save the latter companies unnecessary costs.

2. Do you need to print large documents?

If your office creates or manages creative assets or plans, it can be handy to be able to print out posters or plans. In these cases, selecting office printers with wide format capabilities can be helpful.

3. How fast do you need to be able to print?

There are times when you only need to print a page or two. There are other times when you need to print 1,000 pages by that afternoon. Taking print volume and speed into consideration when selecting an office printer can save you a headache when the latter is necessary.

4. Do you need a machine that can also do finishing?

If you’re needing to create stapled documents, hole-punched reports, or even spiral-found presentations, printers can with special finishing features can be a huge help.

5. Do you prefer ink or laser/toner-based prints?

Ink-based and laser toner-based printing each have their own benefits. Deciding to go ink or go laser can dramatically shift your office printer buying decision.

6. Are you printing sensitive information?

If you’re needing to print documents that contain sensitive information, it is important to look for printers with robust network security options. This is crucial in making sure that your company or client data is secure on its way from device to printer.

7. Are you also needing to scan or fax?

Added scanner or faxing capabilities may end up being helpful for some companies. For others, they may not be necessary.

8. How often do you need to make copies?

Some office printer models are built more as copiers that also print. Others may be more printers that can also make copies. Keep in mind which of these would best benefit your office’s needs.

9. How much are you looking to spend on the device?

If your office doesn’t require much printing or additional features, you may be able to cut costs by going with a more affordable office printer. On the flip side of the coin, a lower-tier printer may ultimately cost offices with increased printing demands more in terms of speed and efficiency.

10. How much are you looking to spend on supplies?

While many office printers can seem extremely affordable up front, their true cost may be evident in the cost of their supplies. Taking all of the costs over a certain period of time into consideration can give you a more accurate idea of the true cost of the printer.

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