Hire To Retire: Making Human Resources Management a Breeze

human resources document management

Employee onboarding is one of the most laborious aspects of Human Resources Management. Managing and retrieving employee paperwork can also be a pain if an efficient and agile document management system is not in use. However, the Hire to Retire system from Square 9 allows for an electronically streamlined process that is easy to navigate…Read Full Article

Do Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses Really Reduce Eye Strain?

blue light blocking glasses at night

(4 min read) If your job requires you to stare into a computer screen for hours at a time, you have likely experienced eye strain at one time or another. One answer being sold by glasses manufacturers are blue-light-blocking glasses. In this piece, we’re going to look at what these glasses do and if they…Read Full Article

Join The Dark Side: The Benefits of Computer Screen Dark Mode

benefits of dark mode

(5 minute read) Most of us are familiar with the night mode available on most GPS apps and devices. When you’re driving along and day become night, the colors on the screen invert, allowing for a less blinding experience. Did you know that you can experience this sensation all of the time with most computer…Read Full Article

How U.S. Money is Printed — Printing History

printing money

While we don’t actually print money (wouldn’t that be nice?), as a company who has specialized in print for over 70 years, we enjoy researching history as well as the future of our craft. In this edition of Printing History, we’re going to look into how money is printed. Old Printing Styles for New Bills…Read Full Article

HIPAA For Remote Workers (+14 HIPAA Compliance Tips)

HIPAA compliant

(8:40 min read) If you only knew… Several years ago, in order to make some extra cash, I took on some medical billing processing work from home on the weekends. The work was fairly mindless — mostly taking PDF scans of handwritten charts and punching the necessary codes into a billing system. Before I could do…Read Full Article

5 Reasons Why Businesses Are Turning to Managed Network Services (MNS)

choosing managed network services help

(5 min read) Outsourcing IT is starting to make more sense. More companies are opting out of having an in-house IT department than ever before — instead opting to outsource their IT to managed network services companies. But why? In this piece, we’re going to look at five reasons why more companies are turning to…Read Full Article

Understanding the UETA: a Brief Look at the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act

UETA with e-signature

Disclaimer: This piece is not meant to serve as legal advice. We are not lawyers. We don’t even play lawyers on TV. As a kid, you probably felt like a “pinkie swear” could have held up in court as much as a notarized affidavit. Well, it doesn’t. Neither does a handshake (with or without spit)…Read Full Article