5 Reasons Why Businesses Are Turning to Managed Network Services (MNS)

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Outsourcing IT is starting to make more sense.

More companies are opting out of having an in-house IT department than ever before — instead opting to outsource their IT to managed network services companies. But why? In this piece, we’re going to look at five reasons why more companies are turning to managed network services (MNS) than ever before.

1. Managed Network Service specialists have a diverse pallet of experience.

Even though many IT departments value a new hire with experience on a range of systems and hardware, this doesn’t necessarily represent their new daily workload. To increase communication between systems, many companies choose to keep it simple. While this is good for the company, it makes it harder for the IT department service specialist to keep their skills sharp on systems that the company may not use very often. When a unique problem does arise, they may not have the experience to address it. An outside managed network service company is more likely to have a specialist with the experience necessary to address the issue immediately.

2. MNS companies can provide round-the-clock support more easily.

We all have lives outside of work — including your company’s IT department. We always want to respect that. Unfortunately, hiring either a night crew of IT specialists or on-call specialists isn’t in the cards for company IT departments. It usually just doesn’t make sense. However, outside managed network services companies usually offer 24/7 support as a value proposition for the clients. So, instead of hoping that the right IT department specialist will be available on a late Saturday night when a server crashes, many companies would prefer that someone from an outside MNS company will pick up the phone when they call.

3. There are virtually no HR or management concerns when outsourcing IT services.

If you ask anyone who has started a company based on their passion, they’ll be quick to gripe that they spend most of their time running the business rather than actually doing their passion. The same goes for IT departments. There are a lot of running parts to keep in alignment when running any additional departments. When companies outsource their IT to an MNS company, this drastically reduces any potential HR or management headaches. There isn’t any new employee onboarding, no payroll issues, and no project management concerns. The client company pretty much just pays for results.

4. Hiring an MNS company is typically less expensive than having a full-time IT department.

When you’re pretty much only paying for results, this drastically cuts down the cost of keeping your company’s IT in tip-top shape. For this reason, many companies elect to outsource their IT to an MNS company as a means of reducing costs. Without having to pay for additional office space, HR, and sometimes twiddling thumbs during slower times, outsourcing IT services frequently just makes economic sense for companies.

5. MNS companies have to remain competitive to keep your business.

The bars for success with an in-house IT department and an outside managed network services company are set at completely different levels. Where the average IT company can high-five themselves if the service tickets are completed in a semi-timely nature, the additional hustle of an MNS company is much different. Because they can be replaced more easily, outsourced IT services have to earn the business of their clients with every service ticket. This means they have to deliver the highest quality of customer service and results at a competitive price or risk getting fired. In-house IT departments rarely have such demands.