The Appeal of a Branded Corporate Hat

branded corporate hats

In the past, we’ve talked about the benefits of corporate branded t-shirts, cold-weather gear, and other useful products with your company’s brand on them. In this piece, we’re going to look at why people gravitate towards hats and how you can leave a lasting impression on your audience’s dome.

Branded Hats Are Incredibly Practical

Useful as well as stylish, a hat never lets you down. Whether it’s keeping the sun out of your eyes, covering up a bad hair day, or no hair day (cough, Ron Howard, cough), hats are fun and utilitarian.

Branded Hats Are Not Intimidating

Branded polos are awesome, but usually not for many other people than your employees. The issue with polos and many other branded apparel items is that they tend to make the wearer look like they work for the company of the brand they’re wearing. This isn’t the case so much with branded hats. Whether a baseball cap or a canvas bucket hat, a branded cap is unassuming enough to be worn by anyone.

Brand Hats Keep Your Logo Present

One of the great aspects of a branded hat is where it may end up — anywhere! From sporting events to on the lake to outdoor concerts or even to the office on Casual Friday, branded hats turn the wearer’s head into a walking billboard for your brand. Just, know you, not as intrusive.

Branded Hats Make Great Giveaways

If you’re looking for promotional items to give out either to employees or at trade shows, you can’t go wrong with a branded hat. Unless someone is a hat snob, most people don’t have qualms about wearing branded hats. Being lightweight make branded hats easy to transport with no required size sorting or folding. Your audience typically can just grab one and go.

The Higher the Quality, the Longer the “Head Life”

Even though you can always go the cheap route when it comes to branded hats, know that, just like other items of corporate apparel, the higher the quality, the more likely it will actually be worn. Try out a few styles of hat among your teammates before branding it with your company logo, website, or phone number. Ask yourself, “would I wear this even if it didn’t have my company logo on it?” If the answer is no, your target audience probably won’t wear after you have your company logo on it.