Summer Swag: Tote Bags For The Win

branded promotional tote bags

The best promotional items for your brand are those that are most useful. Because of this, few items are as useful as the tote bag. Let’s look at why.

What is a tote bag?

A tote bag is typically a double-handled bag with one very large open compartment. The materials vary but are usually made of canvas or possibly a nylon material. They come in virtually every color imaginable to suit any style.

Promotional Tote Bags: The True Party Pleasers

If you think that tote bags just simple bags, you’re completely correct. This simplicity makes them some of the most popular bags available. They’re unisex, have a variety of uses, and do not clash with many fashions. Let’s look at their pros and applications.

Summer Picnics: Because of their simple one-compartment design, tote bags are exceptionally good for summer picnics. Whether you’re looking to carry several bags of chips, sandwiches, or multiple bottles of wine, you can do so easily with a standard tote bag.

Grocery Runs: Due to the rising popularity of bringing your own bags with you while shopping for food, tote bags make incredible grocery bags. Instead of strangling your fingers through plastic handles, totes have large comfortable handles that make carrying heavy items more tolerable. Everything from heavy bottles of your favorite drink to watermelons, totes save your hands from the undue stress of bulky, odd-shaped items.

Everyday Carry: Backpacks can be cumbersome and unfashionable. Purses can only hold so match and aren’t exactly popular with the fellas. Tote bags, however, are simple, unisex answers to the question of, “How am I going to carry all of this?”

Affordable: Tote bags are among the least expensive reusable bags available. Highly useful, they pay for themselves time and time again. Their affordability also means that you can keep several in the trunk of your car, ready to lend a hand at a moment’s notice.

Stowable: When a tote bag is not needed, it easily folded and stowed away. In fact, the number of tote bags you can fit within a tote bag is fairly astounding.

Promotional Tote Bags Check All of The Boxes

There are a few checkboxes that promotional items need to check in order to be considered truly great swag items.

  • Useful: As we’ve stated in this article, tote bags are among the most useful items you can own.
  • Inexpensive: Due to a simple design and simple materials, tote bags are an incredibly affordable aspect of your marketing budget.
  • Displaying Brand: Tote bags have huge potential for advertising because of their large surface area. Even the largest logos can easily be screen printed onto most tote bag designs and materials. Because they come in an array of colors, any organizational colors can be utilized.