Using An Outside Perspective + ECM To Optimize Workflows

ecm to fix workflows

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What is a workflow system?

Whether they’re developed inadvertently over time or carefully configured, all businesses have workflow systems in place. By “workflow”, we’re talking about a repeating business practice with multiple stages or steps to process tasks, services, or materials. A workflow system has likely been implemented for every part of your business — from how you choose clients, how you market to your target audience, how to deliver products and services to how you process new employee information.

The Need For More Deliberate Workflow Systems

Some workflow systems may develop under sporadic conditions — maybe in response to a sudden need. Over time, this process may not have been optimized, resulting in wasted time and resources. No matter how long this ill-equipped workflow has been in place, there is still time to improve it using electronic content management (ECM).

Ways To Optimize Your Workflow Processes with ECM

Take a step back.
When we’re overly accustomed to a way of working, we can miss the flaws in the system. Take a step back from your workflow process to see it in context. If need be, sketch it out, providing details and processing times every step of the way. Even if there are no solutions in mind yet, still identify inefficiencies and highlight them.

Discuss it with team members.
There’s a good chance that an established workflow isn’t limited to a single employee. Because several people likely interact with a certain workflow, discuss each workflow with them. Ask them for their input. If you don’t already know, ask them how they think the workflow was developed or how it evolved. Ask these workers what their favorite aspect of the workflow as well as their least favorite part. Also, ask if they have any ideas for making it more efficient.

Look to ECM systems to fix potential issues.
Electronic Content Management systems are designed to make the labor of processing, storing, recalling, and sharing data both easy and secure. In many workflows, processing, obtaining, or transferring information can hold up a process for hours, days, or even months. With modern ECM systems, there’s really no reason why the document management process should take this long.

Consult JD Young’s ECM professionals for assistance.
As was mentioned in a previous step, taking a step back from a workflow system is a great way to spot inefficiencies and areas of improvement. The Electronic Content Management system professionals from JD Young have the advantage of both an exterior point of view and mastery of ECM systems to greatly optimize your company’s workflow operations.