System Assessments for Cyber Liability Insurance

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(3-min read) In this modern connected age, cyber liability insurance is a beneficial product to avoid placing cyber risk squarely on the shoulders of an organization or business entity. Still, before any policies are signed, your organization needs to prove to insurance providers that their systems are and will remain insurable. Let’s take a look…Read Full Article

An Intro to Managed Network Services For Designers and Architects

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(3.5-min read) If you’re an architect or designer, you know that before any project gets off the ground, you likely have a laundry list of items to consider and manage. In most instances, the clunky technicalities of engineering specifics, resource allocation, managing a budget, and even building codes can clash with your role as a…Read Full Article

Accounting For Page Creep in Saddle Stitched Booklets

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(2-min read) You’ve sent off your brochure design to the printer. You’ve accounted for print bleed as well as image resolution (you’re becoming a real pro). Flipping through the pages, you notice that some of the page numbers in the booklet at cut off. Ah, what gives?! A well-designed brochure or booklet is a great…Read Full Article

When Printing, Image Resolution Matters

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(3-min read) You’ve sent off the design for your company brochure to the printers. The design meets the dimensions, and you’ve even accounted for print bleed (hey, look at you). Still, as you hold the printed brochure in your hands, you look at your company picture and feel like reaching for your glasses.  “Have my…Read Full Article

The Importance of Planning For Print Bleeds

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(2.5-min read) So, you’re designing a new business card or flyer for your company. The preliminary designs are looking great. The edge of your document is lined up perfectly. You send it off to the printers. Upon receiving it back, it seems as though the design doesn’t quite reach the edge. Ugh, what gives?!  It…Read Full Article

The Importance of Developing a Document Retention Policy

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(3-min read) We could all stand to declutter our houses and offices. One of the biggest hassles in doing so is knowing whether or not you should keep a particular item. While celebrity decluttering expert Marie Kondo would ask you to determine if the item “sparks joy”, we don’t have that luxury when cleaning out…Read Full Article

4 Security Benefits of Cloud-Based Systems for SMBs

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(3-min read) Regardless of what you may have heard in the news, it’s not just the most prominent companies that are under attack by cyber threats regularly. While these types of stories grab headlines, small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are equally the brunt of cybersecurity threats. In many ways, SMBs are even more vulnerable to their attacks…Read Full Article