Back-To-School Deals on Promotional Items for Dentist & Doctor’s Offices

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Branded promotional items are a win-win. Whether it’s a pen, a water bottle, a note pad, or a pop-socket for your phone, clients love them and organizations love to give them out. Your company brand goes with the customer, client, or patient wherever they go — fostering warm feelings for your practice and exposure for your brand. 

It’s for this reason that we want to make the back-to-school season a little more “branded” for clinics and dentist offices in the Tulsa area. 

Now until September 30th, 2019, we have some great deals for first-time customers in the health-related field: 

  • $30.00 off orders of $250.00 or more
  • $60.00 off orders of $500 or more
  • $90.00 off orders of $750.00 or more
  • $120.00 off orders of $1000 or more

On top of these savings, you can enjoy free local delivery and fulfillment on all of your orders in the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

So, what do we have available? A better question is what don’t we have.

When it comes to branded items, JD Young is Tulsa’s one-stop-shop. No, literally — we have virtually limitless access to promotional brandable items. From lunch bags to water bottles, frisbees, keychains, to pens with fidget-spinners mounted on top (very cathartic, by the way), we can slap your brand on them and have them ready to offer your patients when they come for a back-to-school checkup.

To learn more and get you the promotional items that are sure to make your patient’s smile, we have a page ready for you. 

Learn more about the 2019 Back-to-School Checkup Specials here.