System Assessments for Cyber Liability Insurance

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In this modern connected age, cyber liability insurance is a beneficial product to avoid placing cyber risk squarely on the shoulders of an organization or business entity. Still, before any policies are signed, your organization needs to prove to insurance providers that their systems are and will remain insurable. Let’s take a look at the necessity for a professional cybersecurity assessment to gauge the vulnerability of your systems.

Cyber liability insurance is an extremely handy tool in this complex connected age. Still, in order to obtain it, insurance companies require companies to provide proof of insurability. After all, who would want to insure a vulnerable system? Like any other form of insurance, insurance companies are beginning to set premiums and payments on par with associated risk factors. This makes a cybersecurity assessment from JD Young a great way to prove and maintain cyber insurability for your company. A glowing evaluation can help increase the likelihood of lower cyber insurance premiums going forward.

Phase 1: Determining Your System’s Security Status

JD Young’s cybersecurity specialists will initiate a series of IT systems tests in order to gauge your organization’s vulnerability. The team will diagnose possible existing security threats as well as weaknesses and provide options for necessary rectification. Following a system analysis with recommendations, the status of your organization’s system will be rated. If any recommended remedies are instituted and enhancements are made, another analysis of your system will be performed with an updated status report for the benefit of your insurance provider. This analysis will prove the insurability of your organization’s technical systems. 

Phase 2: Event Response & Clean Up

In the event of a cybersecurity attack or compromised information, our IT specialists can help “stop the bleeding” — re-securing impacted areas and removing malware left behind. Our specialists will then work to restore your systems to their original health. In addition to repairing your systems, we can also investigate how the cybersecurity threat gained access as we gather and analyze evidence. We can also act as an intermediary with law enforcement agencies if necessary. This collected evidence and these responsive actions will help to better resolve your claim with your insurance company.

Phase 3: Continued Cybersecurity Vigilance

You can win a cybersecurity battle, but the war never ends. Our IT specialists can be utilized to conduct ongoing scans and audits to reaffirm your organization’s cybersecurity status. Continuous surveillance and systems maintenance allows you to remain vigilant and reduce the likelihood of compromised data due to a cybersecurity attack or data loss.