Barcodes for Electronic Content Management: Two Uses, Endless Possibilities

barcodes for ecm

(2.5-min read) You probably don’t think about it too often, but barcodes are all around us. Movie tickets. Grocery store items. Shipping labels. Train and airplane boarding passes. Even on some hospital bands and medication containers. They come in all shapes and sizes — forming an intersection between physical objects (products and documents) and digital…Read Full Article

Preparing for Windows 7 End of Life Deadline

black dark computer keyboard with windows icon key

(2.5-min read) Even though “2020” is a very sci-fi-sounding year, it’s right around the corner. With it comes Japan building a robotic moon base and a United States Presidential election, but also something that may impact your business — Windows 7 will officially enter into it’s “end-of-life” phase with Microsoft.  What Does “End-of-Life” Mean? Windows 7,…Read Full Article