4 Reasons Why Office Printers Aren’t Going Anywhere

professional woman reviewing paper document

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Going paperless is tempting, but it has its drawbacks.

We get it — managing paper documents can be a headache. You live in an age where, with the quick tap of a search query, you can usually find whatever you need in your database or online in seconds. As many begin to ditching home printers, opting to read documents on screens, you may feel the desire to do the same in your office as well. As tempting as that can be, office printers are here to stay. Here are four reasons why this is so.

1. Sometimes, hard copies are legally required.

Many materials can be viewed online, kept in a digital database, and trashed when they’re no longer necessary. Other documents may have legal stipulations governing how long a business must hold onto them. It’s also a smart business move to keep certain hard copies of essential documents in the event of a cyber attack or audit. Hard copies of insurance policies, tax information, contracts, annual reports, and similar items should be kept in a secure filing system. Your company will be glad they did if they become threatened by a ransomware attack or if the IRS comes knocking.

2. Your clients aren’t paperless.

Even if you’re convinced that going paperless is the future, your customers (you know, the people paying your salary and keeping the energy-conserving LED lights on in your office) likely haven’t caught your zeal. They expect paper reports, receipts, contracts, invoices, bills, and the like. If you have to run to a local print shop just for them, you’re going to waste a lot of time and money on something that would have taken mere seconds in the office. Also, relying on printers outside of your office can expose sensitive client data to third-party print centers — an identity security nightmare just waiting to happen.

If you still have concerns about the environmental implications of printing, don’t worry — modern office printers are very energy efficient, and you can always use recycled paper — printing on both sides, of course.

3. The look, the feel, of paper…(insert bad jingle here).

Despite our affinity for screens, there’s still something about taking a red pen to a printed draft of an article, report, presentation, or document in need of some tangible fixes. There’s also something about pinning a paper notice, report, or reminder on the wall of your workspace to keep your head in the game. Reviewing a digital slide show on a computer is doable, but spending time with a printed explanation of benefits over a cup of coffee in an armchair is going to allow for greater comprehension and ultimately better decisions.

4. Convenience

Most of the other reasons revolve around a single idea: convenience. When you have an efficient, feature-rich, and secure printer at your disposal, life is just easier. Business can progress without wondering how on earth you’re going to take that presentation with you, deliver it to someone else, or if you’ll have the technology available to you at your destination.

 There is a more responsible way to print…

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