Why Is Color Printing So Much More Expensive Than Black & White?

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(6.5-min read) “I mean, it’s all just toner, right?” If you’re in the market for an office printer or ever have been, you’ve likely noticed a stark difference in the cost of color printing versus black and white printing (also known as monochromatic printing). Whether you’re using a laser printer that uses toner or an…Read Full Article

4 Reasons to Reconsider Technology Usage While Driving

texting while driving

(4.5-min read) With a new year comes the perfect opportunity to reevaluate many of our behaviors and determine if they are serving us or not. Despite our contrary thinking, one practice that definitely is not serving any of us is the use of mobile devices while operating a vehicle. According to the National Highway Traffic…Read Full Article

9 New Years Resolutions For Technology Usage

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(7-min read) A new year is upon us! As we prepare for the “roarin’ 20s”, many of you are likely considering some resolutions for your new year. While some of us will inevitably let the gym take our monthly payment without us darkening the door or not get to every book we intend to read,…Read Full Article