Put Your Company’s Brand in Your Client’s Hand: The Perks of Branded Travel Tumblers

woman with travel coffee mug while hiking

(3.5-min read)

“Don’t even talk to me until I’ve had my coffee.”

If you’re like me, you’re pretty attached to your morning beverage of choice. You likely begin your day with a hot or cold, caffeinated, or “virgin,” beverage that hits the spot. Just as bound as you may be to the magic liquid itself, you’re likely just as attached its vehicle to your soul — the mug. And even more than a porcelain mug well suited for one location, your travel mug of choice is likely one of your most widely schlepped (carried) objects in your life. Guess what? The same is true for your employees and customers. Let’s take a look at the marketing potential in providing branded travel mugs for your employees and customers.

First off, why should you consider branded travel tumblers for your company?

Travel Tumblers Help Save Money

When the first “YETI” brand travel tumblers hit the market, many were aghast at the cost. Why would you spend $30 or $40 on a travel mug? However, when you do the math, calculating how much money can is saved by forgoing the stop to the overpriced coffee shop on the way to work in lieu awesome home-brewed coffee, most people tended to suspend their scoff. And it’s true — travel tumblers save coffee drinkers considerable coin in the long run. To make matters even better, YETI isn’t the only brand capable of making a high-quality travel tumbler. This increased competition has forced the price on insulated travel tumblers way down.

Travel Mugs Keep Your Beverage Just How You Like It

Nobody likes lukewarm coffee or a beverage diluted by melted ice. For this reason, the high-quality travel tumbler was born. With insulated walls of plastic or steel, a wide variety of travel tumblers can keep your coffee, tea, or other beverage just how you like it for hours of pleasurable consumption. No only does this save your beverage, like avoiding overpriced coffee shops, it saves you money in wasted go-go juice. 

Travel Mugs Spread Your Brand

When it comes to promotional products in which to spread your brand, few other products shine as brightly as travel mugs. Between the available surface area for any brand to the exposure they receive daily, few other branded promotional products can compete. Just consider where your travel tumbler has gone with you — from the house to the office, visible in meetings, outside walks, on the road, and even on vacation. Everywhere that tumbler has traveled is also where your brand can go — like some kind of mobile billboard filled with refreshing deliciousness.

Your Teams & Customers Will Love These…and You

Even if the reason for giving out branded travel tumblers is to spread your brand, a side-effect is your team and customers thinking you’re awesome. Everyone loves free stuff and travel tumblers are something of which you can’t really have too many. Even if recipients already have their favorite mugs, your gift will definitely find its way into their rotation.