4 Reasons Why Your Document is Stuck “In Queue”

waiting on printer

(3.5-min read) Let us know if the following scenario sounds familiar: You have a series of documents that you need to print for an upcoming presentation or meeting. You click “Print,” just to see the file bounce into the digital file, sit there, and nothing happens. When you check the status of the print job…Read Full Article

5 Ways to Print While Using a VPN

woman frustrated printer

(3-min read) A virtual private network (VPN) can be immensely helpful for flying under the radar of hackers and over the radar of annoying usage limitations. Though handy for appearing invisible to many sources online, VPNs may also make your devices invisible to your wireless printer. Let’s take a look at five ways to print…Read Full Article

Wireless vs. Wired Printing: Which is Best?

wired vs wireless printers

(4-min read) Whether it’s time to select a new printer for the office or you need to make updates to the network system, the question of print connectivity has likely come up. More modern printers will boast of the ease of connectivity over a wireless signal. But is it worth it? In this piece, we’ll…Read Full Article

To Back-scan or Not to Back-scan: That is the Question


For any company going through a document management overhaul that involves moving to a predominantly electronic content management system, there is one looming question—do we back-scan all of our past documents? What is back-scanning? Back-scanning is the process of digitizing all physical paper documents by going “back” and “scanning” every essential material in a company’s…Read Full Article

4 Signs Your Document Management is Inefficient

messy desk

Despite the immense gains in document management technology, there are many companies whose office management processes regarding documents are a mess. Some of these offices may not even realize how disorganized their document management processes have become. In this post, we’re going to look at a few tell-tale signs that your office’s document management protocols…Read Full Article

SIM Card Hijacking Scams: What They Are & How to Protect Yourself

sim hijacking

(3.5-min read) Cybersecurity threats are always after your information. Fortunately, there are many new methods of keeping threats at bay, such as two-factor authentification. As we’ve discussed before, two-factor authentification requires a secondary form of identification before access is granted to specific accounts. The primary second factor many choose is a text message or phone…Read Full Article

Construction Companies Not Immune From Cybersecurity Attacks

construction and cyber security

(4.5-min read) There is a popular misconception that exists within many industries—that they are either not large or important enough to justify a cyber attack. The pervading mindset within these industries is one of, “why would a cyber threat be interested in my organization when there are so many other more lucrative targets out there?”…Read Full Article

Suspicious Cybersecurity Events Up 100,000% in Trucking Industry


(3.5-min read) If you had to wager a guess as to the industries most susceptible to cyber risk, would you guess that trucking would fall into that category? These were the findings reported at the American Trucking Association’s Management Conference & Exhibition in October of 2019. In under four years, the risk of suspicious cybersecurity…Read Full Article