About us 70 Years In The Making!

About JD Young

70 Years In The Making!

Founders Joe and Lydia Young

It’s hard to believe that nearly 70 years have passed since Joe Young first opened the doors of JD Young. Who could have known over six decades later, the vision of serving Oklahoma’s business community would still be as alive and thriving as it is today. Adapting and evolving with the times and the needs of our clients has enabled JD Young to continue to grow over the years into a business partner. Companies all over the state contact us for direction on more efficient business workflow practices. While offering valued products and services to the public has obviously been one key to our longevity, it’s the relationship with our customers that has sustained our success. In a business world where differentiating yourself from the competition by product line becomes harder every year, doing the right thing for our customers has been our guiding light from day one. JD Young would like to thank all our customers, and of course, our employees, for all their support these many years. We count our blessings every day and look forward to an exciting future for JD Young.


The Stuart Family

Thank You For Your Loyal Partnership

Thank You For Your Loyal Partnership

Our Mission

JD Young’s mission is to help businesses better manage the flow of information and data through a more efficient usage of hardware systems, software solutions & technology solutions. Specifically, we provide information-handling processes that increase performance and reduce cost of input, output and management. Because of our local presence, we are committed to be faster, simpler and easier to do business with.

why you should choose JD Young

Why JD Young?

We believe that creating a DOCUMENT STRATEGY for your business is the most important step to understanding how your company manages its paper files. When you manage these documents efficiently you can expect to increase profitability, tighten regulatory compliance, improve customer service, and reduce risk. Here are some ways we can help:

the JD Young approach

Our Approach

Our process has 3 SIMPLE STEPS that we go through with all of our clients. First, we learn how to meet the needs of your business by understanding how your business runs. Second, we develop streamlining processes and procurement strategies. Third, we implement strategic programs to encourage your business’s initiatives.

the efficiency of JD Young


Is your office buried under an avalanche of paper? At JD Young, we provide award-winning, customized software solutions to this common problem. The benefits of our software solutions include streamlined business processes and workflow, reports on real-time statuses and productivity, and reduced filing and physical storage costs. Here’s how we can help:

the superior service of JD Young

Superior Service

Do you have office systems with no maintenance plan? Are you unhappy with your current service provider? Should you repair or replace your current equipment? At JD Young, we understand not all equipment is under contract or that you may have purchased your machine from another source. Either way, we would like to help. Here are some options:

Tailored Business Solutions

Business Solutions Tailored To Fit Your Needs

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We are proud members of BPCA (Business Products Council of America), BTA (Business Technology Association), BEI Services (Business Equipment Information/Benchmarking), CompTia (Computing Technology Industry Association), IBPI (International Business Products Inc.), TEA (Tulsa Executive Association), & TAHRA (Tulsa Area Human Resources Association). We have also partnered with several of the industry’s most progressive manufacturers to bring you a variety of options for your business needs. Get in touch with us to see how we can help serve your business today.