What Makes a True Leader: How Big Tech & the Marines Foster Superior Leadership

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(6-minute read) As a part of our Print Assessment Series, JD Young Managed Print Services has been looking at what separates respected leadership from mere authority. We’ve found that accounting for the daily operations on a granular level is a significant attribute of responsible, inspiring leadership. To find out what other characteristics constitute true leadership,…Read Full Article

4 Reasons to Reconsider Technology Usage While Driving

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(4.5-min read) With a new year comes the perfect opportunity to reevaluate many of our behaviors and determine if they are serving us or not. Despite our contrary thinking, one practice that definitely is not serving any of us is the use of mobile devices while operating a vehicle. According to the National Highway Traffic…Read Full Article

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Indulging in New Technologies

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(4-min read) “Neat” does not equal necessary. It’s difficult to watch television, online videos, or scroll any social media pages without being bombarded by advertisements for the latest techno-gadgets, apps, and digital services. Advertisers want you to feel as though the device in your pocket is akin to a dinosaur bone and that if you…Read Full Article