Jan Glover

Palomino Horse Breeders of America

“Phil Baker is always courteous and very professional.

Amy West

Shaw Pipeline Services

“Kurt Bistline even updated some of my software.

Doug Briggs

Kantor Oil Company

“Jon Carpenter was able to remote in and fix the problem. He is very good.”

Sue Loomis

Tulsa Youth Symphony

“Jon Carpenter gave direction for printing envelopes over the phone. He was clear and concise. He was clear and concise. We are happy to be able to print our logo on envelopes now.

Laura Edwards

Eller and Detrich

“I contacted Dave Shults, who is amazing, and he got Jerry Chambers out to us as soon as possible. Jerry did a wonderful job and was very friendly and knowledgeable! It was nice to have a service tech that did such a great job with a smile on his face! He was excellent work with! Jerry was very knowledgeable and showed me the issues and explained what needed to be repaired. He was excellent!
I would recommend Dave Shults and Jerry Chambers to anyone. Dave has always provided personal customer service and has been hands on, which is what we expect, and Jerry did an excellent job and was also very personable and friendly! Relationships are important and that is why we recently purchased and moved our repair/ maintenance service to JD Young because of our relationship with Dave Shults. He is someone you know is dependable and will do what he can to assist us in any way possible.”

Beverly Phelps

University of Tulsa, Geoscience

“Brad Coggins immediately found the problem and fixed it. JD Young techs are the best. They do a great job.

Wade Kester

Bartlesville Public Schools

“Ted Durbin called letting me know the jamming issue had been taken care of. He is thorough.

Mike Beard

Dyer Glass & Mirror, Inc.

“Nic King did an excellent job. He was very helpful and quickly resolved our issues. Nic is an exemplary technician.

Cathey King

U.S. Department of the Interior/ Office of the Solicitor

“Marlon McCarter is an outstanding tech. When the dispatch sends Marlon to work on our copier, I feel confident it will be repaired correctly the first time. In fact, this time I asked the dispatch if I could request a specific tech and was told I could. Marlon is the tech requested and he is preferred by our staff. JD Young should reward employees like Marlon.”

Leah Leffingwell

University of Tulsa Postal Service, Allan Chapman Activity Center

“Marlon McCarter was a great tech! He called his supervisor for an issue that we have with a very old copier and they fixed it before 5:00. All of the JD Young technicians are always helpful and resolve the issue in a timely manner.

Terri Roberts

Shelter Insurance Claims

“Clint Terry was so helpful and patient. He explained clearly what was going on. He found the problem, fixed it and let us know what we needed to do for the rest of the issue that was not machine related.

Paula Rowland

Hub International, Mid-America

“Darren Thomas always does a great job explaining what is going on with the machine and the status of the repair.

Rick Wyers

Lithaprint, Inc.

“Darren Thomas is always very thorough and professional.

Melody Jennings

Buffalo Land Abstract Co.

“We absolutely LOVE Darren Thomas! He really knows his stuff and we love to hear him talk!”

Tristan Dotts

Rebecca Burrows

“Same day service was appreciated. Darren Thomas was knowledgeable and professional.

Kathy Repschlager

Franciscan Villa

“Oscar Ward was very thorough and professional. Excellent service!

Jason Gillis

Midwest Metals, LLC

“Andrew Wrenn did a great job.”

Mike Clevenger

Catoosa Public Schools

“Super easy to place a call and always friendly. 5-star company.”

Brenda L. Holt

River Parks Authority

“Thanks for the quick response! I am so glad we opted to go with JD Young for our VoIP phones; your service, products and staff are excellent!”

Brook Koenig

Pixley Lumber Company

“Someone was dispatched very quickly. I also got constant updates on the status of my technician. Nate Aldridge did a wonderful job at fixing our equipment in a timely manner. He was also very thorough in his inspection of making sure the copier worked properly before he left. He explained the problem very well and told us exactly how to fix and replace it. Very good technician.”

Dee Huggins

Owasso Public Schools, Eighth Grade Center

“Nate Aldridge is wonderful.”

Sandy May

Timmons Oil Company, Inc.

“Nate Aldridge was very professional and courteous. He worked on the copier and explained what the problem was. Thank you for your speedy response.”

Juanita Sanchez

Community Action Project

“No problem. Very easy to place a service call. Good job! Phil Baker was very kind in explaining what was going on with the machine. He was a very good person, very polite, neat and clean.”

Cathy Templeton

Twin Villa Apartments

“I always appreciate Brad Biggers or Clark Ehrhardt coming to fix the equipment! They always explain what the problem may be. Thank you both!”

Donna Casey

Community Food Bank

“Shawn Brinlee did an outstanding job. He was very thorough and conscientious of leaving the area cleaner than how he found it. Thanks for sending Shawn out. It was a great experience!”

Larry Williams

Kamo Electric Co-Op

“Mike Cantu went out of his way to help us on this call. He came to help us when we were down hard with the machine and could have put us off until Monday. His work helped us in a VERY crucial time on Friday and saved us a lot of extra work. Thank you, Mike.”

Debbie Ebel

RCB Bank

“Jerry Chambers was wonderful. I would highly recommend him.”

Lennie Gray

City of Tulsa- Mayor’s Office of Economic Development

“Alan Clingenpeel was able to diagnose the problem right away and fixed our machine. While he was here, he double-checked an additional problem a coworker brought up and found no issues. Service was prompt, professional and courteous. Great job. He explained how to check for minor issues on the machine and was super helpful with the remedy of the error.”

Tammy Cavilee

Pixley Lumber Company

“Brad Coggins was very professional and, even though this was the fourth time out in two weeks, he was extremely patient and helpful. All the JDY Techs have been very diligent and willing to take whatever time is necessary to fix our issues. Their willingness to help goes a long way. Thank you for all you do!”

Sue Cochran

Pixley Lumber Company

“Brad Coggins was very professional and, even though this was the fourth time out in two weeks, he was extremely patient and helpful. All the JDY Techs have been very diligent and willing to take whatever time is necessary to fix our issues. Their willingness to help goes a long way. Thank you for all you do!”

Sue Cochran

American Airlines, 3806 N. Mingo Rd., Hang. 6

“Brad Coggins came in a timely manner.”

Sheila Hays

B & V Specialized, Inc.

“Very pleased. Thanks for sending Ted Durbin. He was very helpful and gave great directions on how to get around on the Ricoh.”

Chelsea Hutchens

St. Joseph Catholic School

“Clark Ehrhardt is always professional and informative on the issues.”

Ben Strednak

Asco Aerospace USA, LLC

“Danny Gregory always does a great job. The service dispatch notification emails work great.”

Tony Keesee

Mannford Church of Christ

“Danny Gregory did a great job. Thanks for your prompt service JD Young. ”

Annette Stewart

Covington Aircraft Engines, Inc.

“The machine is working good and Danny Gregory did a great job!”

Jimmye Stroup

Gunnebo-Johnson Corp.

“Jesus Guzman is AWESOME! Totally AWESOME!!!”

Adena Pregler

Jenks Public Schools, Print Shop

“Nic King is ALWAYS excellent. Great technician.”

Daniel Horrell

Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline

“I feel JD Young provided excellent service. Nic King called in a timely fashion and tried to talk me through the issue. He was knowledgeable and spoke at a level in which, I as a pipeline operator, could understand. When the issue could not be resolved over the phone, he came in and took care of it. Nic repaired the issue and went above and beyond by thoroughly cleaning the unit and showing us how to properly do this as well. Nic fixed the problem and found issues with our drivers that we were not aware of. He worked with our IT department and resolved that issue as well. He also answered several questions we had about the unit. Working with Nic was a good experience. I would recommend him and ask for him personally if the need arises. We have received great customer care and this will be passed along. Thank you!”

Joyce Chaplin

Jenks Public Schools, Child Nutrition Center

“Dispatch was timely in getting a technician out to us. Marlon McCarter also saved me a trip from going out to our warehouse to pick up the items that we needed for our machine. He called over to our warehouse and let Bob Morrow know what we needed and the manager came over and brought the items and installed them himself. We have the JD Young Service Dispatch notification email system and it is very helpful.”

Becky Rogers

Titus, Hillis & Reynolds

“Phil McKenzie did a wonderful job. He is always professional, patient and gets the job done.”

Kim Hocker

RCB Bank, Arkansas City, Fraud Dept.

“I appreciate Scott Officer taking care of us in a very timely manner.”

Wendy Palmer

University of Tulsa, Oxley College of Health Sciences

“Clint Terry is awesome! I wish we could get him every time, but I know we aren’t his only clients. This was the perfect call out. I have no suggestions for improvement.”

Hattie Golden

YWCA Tulsa

“Friendly service. Thank you Andrew Wrenn for the training you provided.”

Stephanie Rico

West Termite & Pest Management

“Excellent. Really great customer service. ”

Pam McDonald

Blueknight Energy Partners, LP

“You all do a great job.”

Connie Mayberry

RCB Bank, BR# 01, 300 W. Patti Page, Claremore, Upstairs Workroom

“The JD Young technicians that usually come here are very nice and explain everything in detail.”

Leah Shouse-McHan


“Great service department. Always prompt, courteous and efficient!”

Phyllis Chism

Baytide Petroleum

“Very happy with the service received from all the JD Young technicians.”

Tempest Dulany

Holland Hall School

“I recommend JD Young every chance I get. Thank you for all that you do for your customer. It is very obvious that customer service is a priority of JD Young.”

M. Smith

IS, Technology Manager

“JD Young has been a professional and easy-to-work with provider of printing and cabling services for us. I know that all I have to do is pick up the phone or send an email and a technician will be on our doorstep before the end of the day. All the technicians have been knowledgeable and gotten the job done quickly and accurately.  I like having one point of contact that can take care of any request we have and having the same group of technicians be the ones to come out and work on our equipment. We’ve had several instances where we want our print monitoring to trigger differently than the average company. One email to the service group is all it took to get it changed. They give us a continuity of service that we didn’t have with our previous vendor.”

R. Melton


“JD Young has done a fabulous job for Melton.  The equipment has proven to be very reliable and the service is top notch. They are very responsive on service requests, a tech is usually on site within a few hours of our call and stays until the job is done.  The overall service experience from them has been a positive one.”


Director of Finance

“The process for determining our needs is always precise and timely. Their installation and training is excellent.  JD Young works wonderfully in conjunction with our IT folks at 501TechNet.org.  As a typical non-profit we rely on grants and contributions for capital expenditures; we were delayed for several months to begin our installation and JD Young was incredibly patient and honored the pricing structure well, months after the initial proposal. One particular moment that demonstrated our opinion of JD Young, was with the installation and training at our three locations in Tulsa, which include 2 fitness centers, a business office, an immigrant and refugee services that provides English language classes was wonderful.  Our refugee and immigration services staff were using a single black and white large copier for a staff of 15.  The majority of the staff needed individual printers and scanners for privacy issues surrounding their work.  JD Young helped us find the most efficient and cost effective printers.  During the installation no work was interrupted as everything had been planned in conjunction with our IT folks and was an incredibly smooth installation.   In addition to that, their system to replace toner is exceptional it’s all tied into JD Young’s network system and when a printer or copier runs low on toner or has a problem that requires a technician, JD Young contacts us and sends the necessary toner or technician to the exact equipment having an issue.”

A. Seabolt

Senior Director of Technology

“We would not consider JD Young as a vendor but as a true partner that is as interested in our success as we are. The JD Young organization, TEAM, has always been open minded and as proactive in providing the results that we expect from any organization.

JD Young allows us to focus on what we need to do to succeed as an organization. Offloading the tasks that they are the subject matter experts in allows us to focus on what we need to do to succeed as an organization with our customer base, they allow us to deliver the results we need without distraction. The numerous positive interactions with our team allows us to feel comfortable to hand off any tasks that they are asked to handle without looking back and questioning whether or not it will be successfully handled.”

J. Vitali

Director of Information

“It has been great to work with JD Young. They are more than just a “copier vendor.”  We had an interface issue when we implemented our managed environment on the network side, JD Young solved it very quickly. No further issues. In addition to that, JD Young’s Managed Print program has also been a great tool to use in our effort to control our print cost. We can be proactive versus reactive.”

Heidi Knott

Robert W. Berry

“Nate Aldridge went above and beyond, in my opinion. I appreciate his willingness to work with our IT guy to resolve the issue, his patience with us and his efficient professionalism. Thanks Nate!”

Cathy Templeton

Twin Villa Apartments

“Brad Biggers did an awesome job! He is the only one that I want to work on this copier! He always knows what is wrong before taking the copier apart and he can tell me what the repair will be!”

Kathryn Offermann

Viersen Oil & Gas

“Shawn Brinlee did an excellent job, was prompt and kept me informed during the process. He also replaced the waste toner container, which I did not realize was full, and let me know that I might want to order a replacement to have on hand. I would say he went above and beyond, although this is the service that I have come to expect with JD Young. I am always impressed with your customer service. No annoying automated mail menu. It’s a pleasure to talk with a person and to get such prompt service. Thank you.”

Hattie Golden

YWCA Tulsa

“Great tech.”

Diane Quin

City of Tulsa-Asset Management

“Very quick dispatch. Mike Cantu came the day I called it in. Mike did a fantastic job. We have a plotter that is on its last leg but we keep using it and your tech helps us to do this. He was very informative about the problem. Very personable and informative.”

Greta Williams

Whitaker Architects, PC

“Mike Cantu went above and beyond on our issue. He was very patient and understanding. I cannot give him enough praise for the way he handled our issue. Great employee!”

Annette Visser

Jackie Cooper Imports of Tulsa, LLC

“The call was done over the phone with Jon Carpenter. It was fast and easy.”

Angela Grant

All American Plumbing

“Jerry Chambers was very nice, polite and knew what he was doing. JD Young is lucky to have such a valuable employee.”

Cheryl Craddock

First Presbyterian Church

“Brad Coggins was very helpful and showed concern for getting me back up and running in a timely manner. Appreciated Brad’s professional service.”

Penny Klimas

First Baptist Church, Claremore

“Brad Coggins was excellent!”

Tami Rice

Sequoyah Public Schools

“Brad Coggins does a fantastic job taking care of us. Always a pleasure to work with.”

Seth Dazey

Tulsa Artist Fellowship

“Brad Coggins is the printer boss! Give him a raise.”

Judy Turner

American Bank of Oklahoma

“Clark Ehrhardt was very professional and very thorough with his work. Keep up the great work!”

Dani Cheek

American Bank of Oklahoma

“Very nice guy! (Clark Ehrhardt)”

Sara Say

Christ the King

“Jesus Guzman came right away and everything is in better condition than when he left. He told me there was a part needed and that he could get it for first thing in the morning. He was out at our office at 7:55AM. It was amazing! He was fast, efficient and professional. Jesus is one of your best employees.”

Matt Stewart

SBS Industries, LLC

“Ron Horn does a great job for us. This has been a complex issue and he continues to work to get our equipment fixed.”

Janey Deutsch

Jackie Cooper Imports of Tulsa, LLC

“Mikaela Buscher was helpful by deciphering which printer needed repair. She was very kind and helpful. Then Ron Horn was here within an hour or 2 to fix it. The service was excellent! I received multiple emails regarding updates for the repair ticket. It was very informative, organized and prompt!”

Charlene Adfide

Epicentre Properties

“Nic King was very helpful and did a great job fixing our problem.”

Tabitha Larson

Walvoil Fluid Power

“We enjoy having Marlon McCarter as our technician. He’s great!”

Wendy Palmer

University of Tulsa, Nursing, 5th Flr.

“Clint Terry did great! He went above and beyond! He also added more staples to the stapler. He knows I have a hard time doing that. Clint Terry is the best technician you have! He is very good at his job and the most friendly and personable.”

Leah Leffingwell

University of Tulsa, Chapman Activity Center

“Clint Terry did a great job!!! Clint Terry was polite and speedy.”

Angela Grant

All American Plumbing

“Clint Terry was very nice, pleasant and very knowledgeable of his work.”

Lynda Davis

Tulsa Driller Baseball

“Clint Terry was very thorough and helpful. He made sure he fixed our issues but also walked me through some steps I could take for next time.”

RC Mackey

American Legion

“Clint Terry is a first rate technician.”

Margaret Miller

Calyx Energy III, LLC

“Darren Thomas is great. Always so friendly. Explains the problem and what he did for repairs.”

Le Spencer

Garnett Road Baptist Church

“Darren Thomas is an outstanding employee. He rushed around to get our computers fixed so I wouldn’t have to stay late. He is always efficient, pleasant and very knowledgeable. He is definitely an asset to JD Young.”

Lennie Gray

City of Tulsa- Mayor’s Office of Economic Development

“I appreciate the speedy service JD Young provides. Oscar Ward was very nice, professional and explained there was nothing I would have been able to do to fix the problem. Great job. He was clean, friendly, professional and courteous.”

Larry Brill

B & M Oil Company

“Andrew Wrenn was very professional in every way. Glad to have a technician like Andrew to service the printer. He always informed us as to what was happening with the repair and what parts were needed.”

Betty Stone

First Christian Church

“We love our new machine. (JD Young)”

April Parker

University of Tulsa, Athletics Admin, Maybee Gym

“Thank you for all you do! No improvement needed. (JD Young)”

Leah Leffingwell

University of Tulsa, Chapman Activity Center

“The JD Young service dispatch notification emails are a terrific addition!”

Vicki McBride

US Airways Express

“Always great service! (JD Young)”

Leslie Dunavent

Oologah Public Schools

“Nate Aldridge always does a great job!”

Wade Kester

Bartlesville Public Schools

“Shawn Brinlee is a very good tech.”

Ashley Sawyer

Young Life

“Alan Clingenpeel was amazing!!!”

Stefanie Menting

GKFF-Best Program

“Brad Coggins was friendly, informative and thorough. Greatly appreciated the work he did!”

Mary Smith

St. Pius X. Church

“Clark Ehrhardt was very polite, professional and friendly. ”

Stephanie Roush

University of Tulsa

“Ron Horn did a great job setting us up!”

Jenna Louderback

RCB Bank, Branch 1, Claremore

“Ron Horn is always extremely helpful and great to work with. He always goes over everything I need and makes sure it is to our liking before he leaves! I enjoy working with Ron. He is one of the best and I know he will get it fixed. I trust him the most out of all our techs that come out! Please give him “kudos” for always helping me and my team when he is assigned to RCB; I’m very pleased with his work!”

Amy West

Shaw Pipeline Services

“I want to thank you and Nic King for his quick response. Greatly appreciated!”

Amy West

Shaw Pipeline services

“Nic King was very friendly and patient with our IT.”

Jessica Moosmiller

Southern Hills C.C.

“Marlon McCarter was nice and quick with his repair.”

Leslie Owens

Crimson Steel Supply

“Marlon McCarter is always very courteous and thorough. He always leaves the machine and the area in clean order.”

Bob McCuistan

Bob’s Printing

“Glen Robertson always does an outstanding job! He always updates me on any situation that arises! He always tells us and usually shows and explains the problem. We’re always taken care of.”

Lora Hodge

University of Tulsa, Art Department

“Clint Terry is a fantastic service technician! Clint is always friendly, kind and quick to explain any issues that there were with the machine and what to do in the future if it is something that just needs to be cleared. I love having Clint on campus and when I place a service call, he will be here to do the repair in a timely manner. He doesn’t give up until he resolves the problem that I reported. Clint is great!!! I always receive the service dispatch notification emails that update me with the current status of my service call! It is a great way to keep the customer informed!”

Liz Franklin

Wallace Engineering

“Darren Thomas is always a joy to speak with and is very personable!”

Brenda Holt

River Parks Authority

“Thanks for the quick response! I am so glad we opted to go with JD Young for our VoIP phones; your service, products and staff are excellent!”

Guillermo Rojas

LaSemana Del Sur

“The JD Young team is the best.”

Tom Burke

Champagne Metals

“Phil Baker is an excellent technician. He is very personable and knowledgeable on our Toshiba products. It is a pleasure to work with him.

Dana Bryant

First Baptist Church

“We had some network connection issues with a port, and Jerry Chambers figured that out in a hurry! He stayed longer and cleaned everything up for us! Great job!

Claudia Fields

Select Specialty Hospital

“Alan Clingenpeel was very professional and friendly. He left my workspace as neat and clean as it was when he got here. I was very pleased with the service that I received.

Kathy Williams

DA/ Pro Rubber, Inc.

“I love it! Excellent communication to keep me informed. Alan Clingenpeel and the rest of the JD Young techs always do a GREAT job! Alan is always polite and listens to what I have to show or tell him, even though I am sure he has seen it all!
I have never had any problems with your employees or your company. I can’t think of any suggestions for improvement.
I already have the service dispatch notification email system and it is wonderful!

Cheryl Hensley

Native American Comp Plan

“Clark Ehrhardt came quickly, checked out the machine, ordered a part and was back the next day to fix it. He went right to work and wasted no time. I loved the service.

Liz Franklin

Wallace Engineering

“Danny Gregory is always kind and gets the job done!

Janine Saczynski

Keller Williams Preferred

“Jesus Guzman was very friendly and prompt. Very happy with his service.

Dave Bender

South Tulsa Baptist Church

“Clint Terry and Nic King did another outstanding job.

Dianna Goodin

Full Gospel Christian Center

“Glen Robertson was very helpful.

Nancy Acton

Southern Hills C.C.

“Darren Thomas always does a great job. No suggestions for improvement, I am very happy with JD Young’s service.

Kelly Dipboye


“I already have the service dispatch notification email system. I love it!”