M. Smith

IS, Technology Manager

“JD Young has been a professional and easy-to-work with provider of printing and cabling services for us. I know that all I have to do is pick up the phone or send an email and a technician will be on our doorstep before the end of the day. All the technicians have been knowledgeable and gotten the job done quickly and accurately.  I like having one point of contact that can take care of any request we have and having the same group of technicians be the ones to come out and work on our equipment. We’ve had several instances where we want our print monitoring to trigger differently than the average company. One email to the service group is all it took to get it changed. They give us a continuity of service that we didn’t have with our previous vendor.”

R. Melton


“JD Young has done a fabulous job for Melton.  The equipment has proven to be very reliable and the service is top notch. They are very responsive on service requests, a tech is usually on site within a few hours of our call and stays until the job is done.  The overall service experience from them has been a positive one.”


Director of Finance

“The process for determining our needs is always precise and timely. Their installation and training is excellent.  JD Young works wonderfully in conjunction with our IT folks at 501TechNet.org.  As a typical non-profit we rely on grants and contributions for capital expenditures; we were delayed for several months to begin our installation and JD Young was incredibly patient and honored the pricing structure well, months after the initial proposal. One particular moment that demonstrated our opinion of JD Young, was with the installation and training at our three locations in Tulsa, which include 2 fitness centers, a business office, an immigrant and refugee services that provides English language classes was wonderful.  Our refugee and immigration services staff were using a single black and white large copier for a staff of 15.  The majority of the staff needed individual printers and scanners for privacy issues surrounding their work.  JD Young helped us find the most efficient and cost effective printers.  During the installation no work was interrupted as everything had been planned in conjunction with our IT folks and was an incredibly smooth installation.   In addition to that, their system to replace toner is exceptional it’s all tied into JD Young’s network system and when a printer or copier runs low on toner or has a problem that requires a technician, JD Young contacts us and sends the necessary toner or technician to the exact equipment having an issue.”

A. Seabolt

Senior Director of Technology

“We would not consider JD Young as a vendor but as a true partner that is as interested in our success as we are. The JD Young organization, TEAM, has always been open minded and as proactive in providing the results that we expect from any organization.

JD Young allows us to focus on what we need to do to succeed as an organization. Offloading the tasks that they are the subject matter experts in allows us to focus on what we need to do to succeed as an organization with our customer base, they allow us to deliver the results we need without distraction. The numerous positive interactions with our team allows us to feel comfortable to hand off any tasks that they are asked to handle without looking back and questioning whether or not it will be successfully handled.”

J. Vitali

Director of Information

“It has been great to work with JD Young. They are more than just a “copier vendor.”  We had an interface issue when we implemented our managed environment on the network side, JD Young solved it very quickly. No further issues. In addition to that, JD Young’s Managed Print program has also been a great tool to use in our effort to control our print cost. We can be proactive versus reactive.”