What are Black Hat, White Hat, and Grey Hat Hackers?

black hat gray hat white hat hackers

(3-min read) What is your gut reaction upon hearing the word “hacker”? If you’re like most, there’s likely a negative response. Though hackers have been traditionally viewed in a bad light, not all hackers have malicious intent. Some hackers are even people you may want to hire!  As cybersecurity threats increase, so too has an…Read Full Article

Brute Force Attacks Explained Using the Plot of “Oceans 11”

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(4.5-min read) Disclaimer: While we acknowledge that neither Brad Pitt nor George Clooney’s characters in “Oceans 11” were, in fact, password-guessing computer systems, reference to their actions is for the sake of illustration.   There are a variety of immensely sophisticated ways to compromise modern encryption systems protecting your company data. These are the equivalent of…Read Full Article

4 Reasons to Reconsider Technology Usage While Driving

texting while driving

(4.5-min read) With a new year comes the perfect opportunity to reevaluate many of our behaviors and determine if they are serving us or not. Despite our contrary thinking, one practice that definitely is not serving any of us is the use of mobile devices while operating a vehicle. According to the National Highway Traffic…Read Full Article

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Indulging in New Technologies

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(4-min read) “Neat” does not equal necessary. It’s difficult to watch television, online videos, or scroll any social media pages without being bombarded by advertisements for the latest techno-gadgets, apps, and digital services. Advertisers want you to feel as though the device in your pocket is akin to a dinosaur bone and that if you…Read Full Article

IT Chats: Managed Network Service Considerations, Part 1

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(4-min read) There is a common saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” All too often, we can’t achieve the right answers if we don’t know the right questions to ask. Let’s take a look at five managed network considerations that IT departments should be able to answer. 1. Diversification of Encryption Data encryption…Read Full Article

The Consequences of Sleeping on New System Updates

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(3-min read) A young boy once asked his father,  “Dad, what is being an adult all about?”  The father just sighed and replied,  “Well, you know those software update notifications? Adulthood is clicking ‘Remind Me Later’ every day until you eventually die.”  For some, this joke is a reality. Whether you’re using a Mac or…Read Full Article

The Cybersecurity Consequences of Reckless Online Sharing

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(4.5-min read) Social websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have made it possible to broadcast virtually any information you desire. Because of this, many find these websites to be an excellent means of staying connected with past friends and acquaintances as well as a way to meet new people. There are, however, those who would…Read Full Article