Tips for Securing Your Multi-Function Printers

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Your business likely has a plan in place to protect computers on your network from malware, viruses and data theft. Do you have similar protections on the office printer? Digital copiers, or multi-function printers (MFPs), have the same vulnerabilities as the computers your employees use. That means it’s possible for valuable and sensitive information to…Read Full Article

Creating Responses From Your Print Marketing Materials

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Printed marketing materials can be used to connect directly to your target audience and elicit an immediate response or action. To do so, your printed materials need to be branded, look professional and be targeted specifically to your audience. It’s not enough to simply grab a consumer’s attention. You need to hold it in order…Read Full Article

Choosing an MPS Provider and Measuring Success

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Managed Print Services, or MPS, make a significant impact on the modern office. To simplify what can be a broad definition, MPS refers to an external provider optimizing or managing your company’s total cost of your printers, their output, and the personnel that support these devices. These costs can account for as much as 15-percent…Read Full Article

4 Fundamentals For Effective Business Cards

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While times and the way we communicate has changed, your business card still plays an important role in making a lasting impression on both potential new clients and networking contacts. Ensure your business card represents you and your company well by following these fundamentals. Paper stock Before you start considering the design and content on…Read Full Article

3 Ways To Make Print Marketing More Interactive

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Print marketing is a great way to engage your audience. Traditional print pieces are fairly lifeless, however. This results in consumers giving them a once over before discarding them. You may eventually get a call or visit from this contact, but it’s unlikely to be immediate. You can change the way customers treat and react…Read Full Article