Office Printer Security Risks

officer printer security risks

Responsible businesses go to great lengths to ensure the security of their data, and with good reason. A data breach can cost a company thousands of dollars, their reputation, and even criminal penalties in certain industries subject to regulatory compliance. Despite their efforts to protect their data, many organizations fail to protect one vulnerability found…Read Full Article

Are Security Experts Wrong About Passwords?

password security

For years now we’ve been educated on the importance of ‘strong’ passwords and what constitutes a strong password. When creating a password, you must include both letters and numbers, with at least one of those letters capitalized, to help ensure your privacy. Be sure to include a special character as well, and avoiding personally-identifiable information,…Read Full Article

Network Control for Remote Access

Network Control for Remote Access

  Network Access Control (NAC) has become a hot topic for a wide range of corporate stakeholders, including business leaders, networking groups, and security teams. Despite all the different NAC solutions available there is still a lot of misunderstanding about what NAC really does. Before looking at the important role of NAC, it’s important to understand…Read Full Article

Pain Points that Can be Avoided by Outsourcing Your IT

Outsourcing IT

Outsourcing IT services using JD Young’s Managed Network Services (MNS) helps you ease the pain points that come with an in-house approach to IT. These pain points include: Human Capital Management– It’s difficult for the average company to find money in their budget to employ a dedicated in-house IT specialist who has all the talent…Read Full Article

The Department of Redundancy Department


All client names have been changed due to confidentiality agreements. Large scale problems need large scale solutions. In the case of Vandelay Produce, JD Young overhauled the entire IT infrastructure of a rapidly growing company with numerous locations that must be in constant communication with each other, and we did it with the client experiencing…Read Full Article