The Cost of HITECH “Willful Neglect” and the $1,215,780 Copier

shocking business equipment bill

(4-min read) Imagine that your healthcare organization received a bill for $1,215,780 with regard to a single photocopier. “How could this be?” You would likely ask yourself.  Did the staff copy onto sheets of pure gold leaf instead of paper?  Did the copier roll through a floor-to-ceiling window 10-floors up and land on a McLaren…Read Full Article

How GPOs Reduce Costs for Healthcare Office Equipment

group purchasing organization GPO

(4-minute read) The Bigger the Deal, the Greater the Leverage If you’ve ever needed to negotiate the price you pay for goods and services with providers, you can attest to a particular balancing act that takes place. Various factors can shift your bargaining and negotiating power closer to or further away from your side of…Read Full Article

Is a Coterminous Equipment Lease a Good Idea?

coterminous equipment lease agreements

(4-min read) Leasing equipment, whether you’re a law firm in need of copiers, a hospital in need of scanners, or a business in need of phone systems, all of these agreements come with time-based contracts. These lease contracts typically state that you have the use of said equipment over a certain number of years for…Read Full Article