Quick Fixes for Everyday Printer Problems


(4.5-min read) With just an hour until you have to give a major presentation, the office printer isn’t cooperating. Before you fetch a Louisville Slugger and begin “Office Space”ing your company’s only MFD, there’s a chance that the issue is something easily remedied. Tiny printing problems happen to everybody—it’s the nature of the beast! Fortunately,…Read Full Article

What is a Service-Level Agreement? Your Introduction to SLAs

service level agreement SLA explanation

(5-min read)  If you run or manage a business, you likely need things—services you can’t (or don’t want to) do on your own or product management you’d assume leave to another entity. From phone systems to printer equipment maintenance, there are many advantages to outsourcing a variety of such responsibilities to an outside company. In…Read Full Article

Three Stages to Savings


The interest in managed print services (MPS) has been growing over recent years because of the need for cost savings, more complex printing, and shifting consumer needs. The ultimate goal is to help a customer achieve his targets – and the resulting spin-off of customer binding to his vendor. MPS, or fleet management, is the…Read Full Article

Is Your Company Bleeding Red Ink?


In the average American office, each employee will print 1100 pages every year. This adds up to around $1,000 a year per employee, which can account for up to 3% of a company’s expenses. To make matters worse, it costs an estimated $6 in related costs for every $1 spent on printing. Between the expensive…Read Full Article

Three Telltale Signs You Need Managed Print Services

Signs You Need Managed Print Solutions

Optimizing your fleet of office equipment takes more than a standardized approach. Every office is different and thus, each office’s print needs are different. When a fleet of office equipment is managed properly, the benefits are clear. However, sometimes it can be unclear whether or not you need to spend the time and money optimizing…Read Full Article

Go green, Save green!

Manged Print Services

The environmental impact of printing is not something most companies are aware of. With high energy usage, paper consumption, and inefficient printers, everyday printing at the office can really take a toll on mother nature. By implementing a highly efficient managed print service (MPS) companies are realizing that printing smarter can not only help the…Read Full Article