To Back-scan or Not to Back-scan: That is the Question


For any company going through a document management overhaul that involves moving to a predominantly electronic content management system, there is one looming question—do we back-scan all of our past documents? What is back-scanning? Back-scanning is the process of digitizing all physical paper documents by going “back” and “scanning” every essential material in a company’s…Read Full Article

4 Signs Your Document Management is Inefficient

messy desk

Despite the immense gains in document management technology, there are many companies whose office management processes regarding documents are a mess. Some of these offices may not even realize how disorganized their document management processes have become. In this post, we’re going to look at a few tell-tale signs that your office’s document management protocols…Read Full Article

Soft Costs Associated With Company Printing

soft costs of company printing

(4.5-min read) As you shop around to determine the printing needs of your company, you’re likely weighing certain costs — primarily device cost and the cost of consumables (replacement ink, toner, paper, energy usage, etc). These are what some would consider the “hard costs” of investing in printing capabilities for your office. There is another…Read Full Article

Managed Print Services: The Solution to Your Company’s Printer Headache

printer headache

(6-min read)  Though many believed that printing on paper would be a thing of the past by 2020, it is still an essential aspect of doing business here in the “roarin’ ‘20s” (that’s what we’re calling this decade, anyway). From the importance of keeping hard copies of essential documents, to increasing the readability of any…Read Full Article