Addressing 4 Remote Worker Challenges With Technology

remote worker difficulties

(4-min read) Working from home comes with many perks, but also many drawbacks. Workplace limitations have forced more businesses to send team members to work remotely from home offices. While many are itching to get back into the office, others have grown to enjoy the remote working life. The increased flexibility allows you to utilize…Read Full Article

Why You Should Consider Professional Workflow Management

river raft guide

(3-min read) Give your organization’s productivity a shot in the arm. Like a well-oiled machine, your business operations perform at their best when all of the moving parts (or operations) are neat and efficiently running. A managed structure of processes helps to keep a company afloat and headed in the right direction for years to…Read Full Article

This Huge Copier Setback Is Actually a Perk

walking to multifunction printer device

(4-min read) I’ll admit it—having your own printer is nice. Nestled right in your office, you’re able to print whatever you want (according to your company protocol, anyway), whenever you want and pull the page hot off the rollers without even having to get out your seat. Enter the multifunction device — (or “copier” for…Read Full Article

How to Declutter Your Office & Printer Protocol

office printer clutter minimalism

(5-min read) Less is more. One of the newest trends to combat compulsive consumerism is the philosophy of minimalism. This lifestyle boasts the freedom from “things” as its adherents do their best to maximize the usefulness of the few objects they own and rid themselves of useless clutter. While you may be wondering what on…Read Full Article

4 Ways to Speed Up a Slow Office Printer

man office spacing a printer with a bat in a field

(3.5-min read) Adjusting a few settings can drastically speed up your print jobs. Whether that critical meeting taking place five minutes from now slipped your mind (it’s ok if you want to check your calendar, we’ll wait…) or you need to print off the latest stats before the office closes, slow printers can be infuriating….Read Full Article

Why Are Paper Jams Still a Thing?

man upset over a paper jam

(3-min read) Despite Our Best Efforts, Paper Jams Still Exist If you have a smartphone in your pocket, you possess a marvel of technological engineering that rivals NASA’s command center that placed a man on the moon. In fact, just the clock function on an iPhone 6 is 32,600 times faster than an Apollo-era NASA…Read Full Article

4 Reasons To Make VPNs a Part of ECM Protocol


(3.5-min read) Advancements in technology have allowed companies to pool talent from all over the country and even the world. Data that was once only accessible over a secure connection in the office can now we used by systems and devices anywhere. Though this is exciting in terms of company and employee flexibility, it is…Read Full Article

6 Benefits of Customized Software For Your Business (+3 Drawbacks)


(6-min read) Whether you’re shopping for a new customer relationship management (CRM) system, document management program, or task management system for your business, the array of choices can make your head spin — as well as the ongoing pricing. Despite all of this, the software still may not be the right fit. To combat ill-fitting…Read Full Article

What is Perfect Binding? Process, Pros, and Cons

perfect bound books

(3-min read) So, what makes a book’s binding “perfect” according to industry lingo? Oddly enough, not necessarily the binding. In this piece, we’re going to look at what constitutes a perfect-bound book as well as the pros and cons of perfect binding for readers and publishers alike.   “Perfect” — No, Not the Binding If you’ve…Read Full Article