Why Is Printer Ink So Crazy Expensive?

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(5-min read) There’s no debating that immense strides have been made in the technological development of modern printer ink. The first printer inks manufactured in the 1960s were made from cheaper degradable food dyes. The results were inks that would all-but disappear in a few month’s time (we hope you didn’t need those receipts). The…Read Full Article

7 Questions To Ask Before You Print a Document (+Infographic)

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(3-min read) On average, printing is a company’s third-highest expense behind office rent and employee payroll. While you can take cost-cutting measures to reduce your printing budget, one of the most effective means of doing so is to simply reduce the number of items you print. To break the habit of printing items that may not…Read Full Article

6 Reasons Why Office Printer & Copiers Aren’t Going Anywhere (UPDATED)

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Going paperless is tempting, but it has its drawbacks. We get it — managing paper documents can be a headache. You live in an age where, with the quick tap of a search query, you can usually find whatever you need in your database or online in seconds. As many begin to ditching home printers,…Read Full Article

Your Old Office Printer is Actually Super Expensive

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(4-min read) The price of old equipment is steep.  As you begin work on a new task at your job, the internal fan on your nine-year-old computer wheezes to life as it boots up your task management system. Once the proper page creeps in a downward cascade on the screen while it loads, you find…Read Full Article

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying an Office Printer

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(6-min read) Whether your department is tired of paper jams and streaky prints or you’re expanding, there will come a time when you need to select new printers for your office. Like other machines, no two office printers are exactly alike. Knowing what to look for can be confusing, so it is best to assess…Read Full Article

Troubleshooting 4 Common Problems With Inkjet Printers

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(6-min read) Not thrilled with your inkjet printer? Let’s see what’s really happening. It can seem like inkjet printers are a dime a dozen. While seems true, if you don’t choose one wisely or adequately maintain your printer, you could find yourself spending much more over the life of your device. In this piece, we’re…Read Full Article

Fixing a Data Breach Isn’t Even the Most Expensive Part

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Data breaches can wreak havoc on businesses—not only in the price to fix them, but what they do to their image among customers. As we prepare for the release of the 2020 Ponemon Institute Data Breach Report, there is something extremely interesting to note about the 2019 Ponemon Institute Report — the cost to fix a data…Read Full Article

What’s the Average Cost of IT Downtime?

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(4-min read) System Downtime: Not Just Annoying—Also Immensely Expensive We’ve all been there. You’re chugging away at a nice productive tick when WHAM—your system goes down. Whether a specific document management system goes offline or your internet connection gives out, you’re stuck. After a few moments, you begin to witness the frustration in the office….Read Full Article

8 Cost-Cutting Printing & Copying Tips To Consider (+ Infographic)

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(7-min read) Printing and copying can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to make these practices cheaper than they are. By establishing some cost-cutting company-wide printing protocols, your organization can save some green both monetarily and environmentally.  Tip 1: Reusable Forms To Be Scanned Depending on the industry, there may…Read Full Article

4 Reasons Why Your Document is Stuck “In Queue”

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(3.5-min read) Let us know if the following scenario sounds familiar: You have a series of documents that you need to print for an upcoming presentation or meeting. You click “Print,” just to see the file bounce into the digital file, sit there, and nothing happens. When you check the status of the print job…Read Full Article