Temperature Screening for Businesses & Workplaces FAQs (Coronavirus)

temperature screening FAQ

Your new normal requires new answers.   When it comes to commercial temperature screening to prevent Coronavirus transmission among your team and customers, you’re certainly not the only one with questions. To provide answers and help you sift through misinformation, we decided to answer some of the most frequently asked temperature screening questions. Why is fever…Read Full Article

Manual vs. Automated Temperature Screening (Coronavirus)

manual vs automatic temperature screening

You realize your company’s need for temperature screening. Now, to determine how you’ll implement it… The first step to solving a problem is admitting that the problem exists. Hopefully, the benefits of temperature screening for your employees, as well as your customers, has been fully realized. Fantastic! You’re on your way to being back in…Read Full Article

How Does Temperature Screening Impact Employee or Customer Confidence?

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Going the extra mile with enhanced health precautions is becoming the “new normal.” As a business leader during a pandemic, there’s likely nothing you’d like more than for conditions to return to the way they were before any virus came to town. Unfortunately, taking a time machine back to a simpler era would inevitably lead…Read Full Article

Welcoming Customers Back With Confidence (Coronavirus)

coronavirus store owner

What steps can you take to earn the trust of your customers amidst a global pandemic? Just as badly as you want your customers to return, they want to return—but they won’t unless they feel they can trust you. How can you earn their trust? There are a few different ways. Be Proactive in Your…Read Full Article

Bring Your Employees Back With Confidence (Coronavirus)

What efforts are required to make your employees feel confident enough to return to work following the lifting of a lockdown?  The New Normal Many wonder when life will return to normal—a time before Coronavirus endangered the health of millions of people all over the country and world. As they wait for an effective treatment…Read Full Article

How Do I Determine the Cost of Ownership of a Printer?

(7-min read) There’s an immense misconception among most printer shoppers.  Whenever shopping for a new product, what is your first question?  “How much does it cost?”  There isn’t a product where this question isn’t at the forefront of your mind (and if it’s not, we’d all love to hear how you made your first billion)….Read Full Article

How Accurate Are Copier Manufacturer Volume Expectations?


(7-min read) “How do copier manufacturers determine monthly recommended volumes?”  As you flip through the brochure of the latest office copiers, you may find a model’s suggested monthly recommended volume. While it is true that models pushed beyond their volume ratings are likely to fail prematurely, it’s also true that some manufacturers arrive at these…Read Full Article