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Many companies believe owning or leasing production printing equipment is only for very large organizations or for companies that need to print massive quantities of professional documents regularly. But in fact, many smaller and medium-sized businesses could also benefit from introducing production-level equipment in-house. If your company has high-volume printing needs, or often requires professional-grade materials printed on critical deadlines, JD Young offers state-of-the art production printing solutions to make in-house production printing a feasible option for your company.

Small Scale Jobs | Production Print Equipment


Print size scale jobs in-house like Business Cards, Post Cards, Rate Cards and Stationary.

Medium Scale Jobs | Production Print Equipment


Print medium scale jobs in-house like Brochures, Invoices, Flyers and Programs.

Large Scale Jobs | Production Print Equipment


Print large scale jobs in-house like Case Studies, Posters, Presentations and Training Materials.

Production Print Equipment

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Print Equipment Ownership Advantages

Reduced Costs

The upfront costs of acquiring production equipment can cause apprehension. However, outsourcing costs can quickly add up. Leasing and financing make in-house printing feasible and a practical way to upgrade your equipment while saving cash flow.


An in-house printing scenario allows you to avoid data breeches of sensitive information shared outside your company.


Print what you want, when you need it. Keeping large-volume printing jobs in-house offers quick turnaround time – regardless of the size of the job – saving valuable time.

Quality Control

Produce exceptional quality print jobs using advanced finishing capabilities and media options for expanded print-on-demand capabilities. Control the quality of your outputs, ensuring your documents look exactly the way you intended.

Production Print Equipment


Production Systems Capabilities

To keep your production print operations running smoothly and gorgeously, we’ve teamed up with Canon and Ricoh to help you serve your commercial print customers. Whether more apt to lease or purchase production printing machines, JD Young can provide the professional service you need at a competitive price.

Gorgeous Color

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Canon imagePRESS
C910-C710 Series

Printing vibrant color is quick and easy with help from the imagePRESS series from Canon. Leading the industry in production speeds, the imagePRESS series delivers luxurious toner-based color printing at speeds of up to 90ppm and is capable of printing on materials up 51.2 inches long.


Ricoh PRO
C7200-C5200 Series

Enjoy the color printing technology of tomorrow today with the Ricoh PRO C7200 and C5200 Series. These models provide the sharpest details with Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) 2400dpix4800dpi resolution.


Stunning Black & White Printing

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Océ VarioPrint 6000
TITAN Series

If ever a production system as built for heavy duty black and white production, it is the all-metal Océ VarioPrint 6000 TITAN Series. Capable of delivering 320 images per minute in letter format and 328 A4 images per minute, the TITAN Series can deliver more than 150,000 monochrome images in an 8-hour work shift or 450,000 images within a 3-shift operation. The TITAN Series was designed with evolving production needs and limited resources in mind.

Océ VarioPrint
140 Series

For small-to-medium enterprise (SME) black and white print production where optimum uptime is a must, the Océ VarioPrint 140 Series consistently delivers sustained quality prints. Production speeds ranging 115-140 images per minute make the 140 Series a favorite workhorse among SMEs, franchise, and in-plant print operations. A 12,000 letter-sheet capacity means hours of uninterrupted printing.

Ricoh PRO
8200 Series

Black and white production printing gets an image quality boost with the Ricoh PRO 8200 Series systems. Like it’s color companion (Ricoh PRO C7200-C5200 Series), the PRO 8200 Series comes with Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology capable of printing a detailed 1200dpix4800dpi resolution. Quality is maintained during even the longest jobs with the Process Control System.


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As an authorized Canon and Ricoh reseller, we offer a suite of production print devices that achieve exceptional document quality, facilitate a wide-range of specialty media and boost productivity with quick printing in large volumes. Our team of dedicated print production specialists and technicians has extensive knowledge of printing systems, and you are guaranteed maximum efficiency with limited downtime.