Telephone systems are often the lifeline of business communication, both internally and with the outside world. At JD Young, we understand the power and impact that an easy to use, efficient telecommunications system can have on your business’s day to day operations. By combining our expertise with Samsungs award winning telephone systems, we take the total office environment into consideration to design and implement a system tailored to your business’s needs.

Link Multiple Locations | Telecommunications

Link Multiple Locations

Reduce IT Headaches | Telecommunications

Reduce IT Headaches

Unify Communications | Telecommunications

Unify Communications

Tailored Systems | Telecommunications

A System Tailored To Your Needs

Telecommunication Advantages

Scalable Solutions | Telecommunications

Scalable Solutions

Purchase a new system, upgrade, or add to your telephone system

Expand your system at will: start where you are, whether you have 5 employees or 1000

Maximize your investment through Samsungs low cost-per-station pricing

Smooth migration path technology: update or enhance your network in the future without the cost of replacing all of your existing phones and most hardware

Simple Integration | Telecommunications

Simple Integration

Link multiple locations together under one system

Menu driven administration: provide flexibility by allowing move, add, and changes to be done internally

Reducing IT headaches: integrate seamlessly with your network’s server

Unified Communications

Integrate all messages and forms of communication into a single point of contact for quick access and easy management, allowing offsite workers to be just as effective as those in the office.

Enhanced Communication Channels  | Telecommunications

Enhancing Your Communication Channels

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With JD Young’s telecommunication solutions, you can reduce unnecessary costs by only paying for what you need and facilitate productivity by ensuring employees have the tools necessary to communicate efficiently instead of working around useless features and inadequate capabilities. To better serve your business’s needs, JD Young also offers cabling for your office or workplace.