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Think Healthy Systems, a division of JD Young, is Oklahoma’s premiere provider of Pure Water Technology drinking systems. These state-of-the-art systems are a healthy alternative to outdated and unsanitary water fountains, bottled water units and filtered water units in the workplace. By using our water technology, you will have a positive impact on both your employees and the environment. Go Healthy and Go Green with Think Healthy Systems.

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Health & Environmental Benefits

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Go Healthy

One of the fastest-rising costs of doing business is healthcare expenses. Because of this, many companies are taking steps to educate employees on healthier lifestyle alternatives. By implementing wellness programs, companies are seeing a decrease in both absenteeism and healthcare costs. Think Healthy Systems has partnered with many of these companies across the state of Oklahoma to see wellness as a path to physical and fiscal health. We are helping companies increase employee hydration by providing a continuous supply of oxygenated, pure drinking water, thus bettering the overall health and wellness of their staff.

Go Green

As our country continues to focus efforts on the health of the environment, measures are being taken to decrease the disposal of plastic bottles, as well as reduce the amount of energy used in manufacturing and transporting these bottles. Think Healthy Systems and Pure Water Technology systems help support national initiatives to “Go Green” by purifying existing water and eliminating excessive waste attributed to water bottles and water fountains. Our Pure Water Technology systems are stationery, accommodate any location and eliminate the need for replenishment of plastic bottles.

Think Healthy Systems

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Go Healthy | Go Green

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