Buying Office Copiers Online vs. from a Local Dealer (Pros & Cons)

office copier shopping

(10-min read)  “Why should I buy a copier from a local dealership when I can order one online for much less?”   There may be particular upsides and downsides to buying office copier and printer devices online.   Advances in e-commerce have made it virtually (no pun intended) effortless for us to purchase anything online. From cereal to cars,…Read Full Article

The Case for the Printed Newsletter

reading printed newsletter

(4-min read) We’ve become a society that runs on digital messaging. Whether this means being bombarded by advertisements on social media or an email inbox brimming with sales emails, it doesn’t feel like we can escape these messages short of unplugging. It’s for this reason that more organizations and companies are connecting with their customers…Read Full Article

What a vCIO Is and Why You Should One

what is a vcio

There’s a good chance that your company already has an IT department. Depending on your industry, you may or may not have a higher level IT director — a Chief Information/Innovation Officer (CIO) — in place to manage them and keep your company ahead of the technological curve. Your company may not seem large or…Read Full Article

How to Protect Your Customers’ Privacy


Every company needs to have a firm grasp of what data they are gathering, how they’re using it, who they’re sharing data with, how all the data is protected, and other related concerns that protect privacy. Develop a Privacy Policy – After policies and plans for collecting and using data are determined, these policies need to be…Read Full Article