What is a Data Lake?

data lakes

Though there are real advantages to optimizing and structuring data formats, some would prefer to store data as-is without jumping through the processing hoops associated with optimization or structuring. For these data storage needs, a new trend in data management has popped up recent years called “data lakes.” In this piece, we’re going to look…Read Full Article

Electronic Content Management Expanding The Digital Workplace

content management on cell phone

Electronic content management (ECM) systems have evolved in recent years. Not only are systems increasingly robust, but the flexibility of these data access points continues to grow. More than simply places to store and access standard business details, ECM systems have become the caretakers of the primary asset of many companies — intellectual property. As…Read Full Article

Addressing 4 Remote Worker Challenges With Technology

There are many perks to using remote workers for your company. The increased flexibility allows you to utilize talent from practically any geographic region, workers enjoy the convenience of working from home, and organizations enjoy not needing to rent out quite as much office space. While there are many pros, using remote workers isn’t without…Read Full Article