Hire To Retire: Making Human Resources Management a Breeze

human resources document management

Employee onboarding is one of the most laborious aspects of Human Resources Management. Managing and retrieving employee paperwork can also be a pain if an efficient and agile document management system is not in use. However, the Hire to Retire system from Square 9 allows for an electronically streamlined process that is easy to navigate…Read Full Article

6 Benefits of Using Customized Software For Your Business


Whether you’re shopping for a new customer relationship management (CRM), document management, or task management system for your business, the array of choices can make your head spin — as well as the ongoing pricing. Despite all of this, the software still may not be the right fit. In order to combat ill-fitting software and…Read Full Article

What is a Data Lake?

data lakes

Though there are real advantages to optimizing and structuring data formats, some would prefer to store data as-is without jumping through the processing hoops associated with optimization or structuring. For these data storage needs, a new trend in data management has popped up recent years called “data lakes.” In this piece, we’re going to look…Read Full Article