Shopping For Company Printer Devices Like a Car Buyer

car shopping

(5-min read)  Shopping for printer and copier devices for your company can be confusing. Unlike buying a car, most of us are relatively unfamiliar with the various styles of printers, copier companies, and which truly stand out in their class. However, when you take the time to consider the imaging needs of your company and…Read Full Article

New vs. Remanufactured vs. Refurbished vs. Used Copiers & Printer Devices

woman using copier

(7.5-min read) “Ok, you’ve selected a copier model that suits your company’s needs. Would you like to buy one that is new, remanufactured, refurbished, or used?”  Um, what?  Just when you thought shopping for printers, copiers, or multifunction devices (MFDs) for your company couldn’t get any more complicated, in walks the “condition” question for these…Read Full Article

When a Retail/Consumer-Style Printer or Copier Makes Sense

desktop retail printer

(4.5-min read) The Frequent Push Toward Commercial Models The printer industry is awash with articles explaining why commercial printers, copiers, or multi-function devices (MFDs) are superior to their consumer-level counterparts typically found in retail stores. For many businesses, this is absolutely true—for high-volume, commercial printers will ultimately be the most cost-efficient over the life of…Read Full Article

$1 Buyout vs. Fair Market Value (FMV) Copier & MFD Leasing

1 dollar buyout vs fmv lease

(4-min read)  For many businesses, financing equipment that is subject to depreciation not only makes the most logistical sense but also the most economic sense. Why should you pay to own something that will only get worse over time? Unless your company can afford to simply purchase all of your printers, copiers, and MFDs (that…Read Full Article

Why Are Retail Desktop MFDs So Much Cheaper Than Commercial Models?

cheaper retail consumer MFD printer

(6-min read) While shopping for new printers, copiers, or multifunction devices (MFDs), you may be shocked by the stark price difference between retail consumer devices and commercial-grade devices. The prices for consumer-grade equipment may look pretty attractive while commercial-grade devices seem exponentially more expensive. What gives?! They’re both essentially doing the same job, right?  Well,…Read Full Article

Print Myths: Color Copies & Prints Are Much More Expensive

costly color printing

(Read time: 4.5-min) Is your company suffering through statistical graphs, printed photos in presentations, and highlighted sections—all in black and white? What kind of impact are you supposed to make with new clients when all they see is gray? This practice may be due to a common misconception:  “Color printing and copying are too expensive.” …Read Full Article

Leasing vs. Buying Office Printers and Copiers for Your Company

man using office copier

(7-min read)  No matter which industry your company is in, having office printer and copier equipment is essential. With this being said, you’re likely looking for the best device for a price that makes sense—a process that has begged the question: “Which is the better deal—leasing or purchasing my office’s printer and copier devices?”  How Leasing…Read Full Article

Buying Office Copiers Online vs. from a Local Dealer (Pros & Cons)

office copier shopping

(10-min read)  “Why should I buy a copier from a local dealership when I can order one online for much less?”   There may be particular upsides and downsides to buying office copier and printer devices online.   Advances in e-commerce have made it virtually (no pun intended) effortless for us to purchase anything online. From cereal to cars,…Read Full Article

Wireless vs. Wired Printing: Which is Best?

wired vs wireless printers

(4-min read) Whether it’s time to select a new printer for the office or you need to make updates to the network system, the question of print connectivity has likely come up. More modern printers will boast of the ease of connectivity over a wireless signal. But is it worth it? In this piece, we’ll…Read Full Article

“Microsoft Office 2019 or Office 365?” A Quick Review

office 2019 or office 365

Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Gamefly. More than ever, people are happy to pay a monthly subscription to use content and it’s accompanying service rather than pay a higher rate and own the works for good. This is a system called the Subscription Economy. While this may make sense for TV shows and music, can the same…Read Full Article