6 Reasons Why Office Printer & Copiers Aren’t Going Anywhere (UPDATED)

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Going paperless is tempting, but it has its drawbacks. We get it — managing paper documents can be a headache. You live in an age where, with the quick tap of a search query, you can usually find whatever you need in your database or online in seconds. As many begin to ditching home printers,…Read Full Article

8 Cost-Cutting Printing & Copying Tips To Consider (+ Infographic)

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(7-min read) Printing and copying can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to make these practices cheaper than they are. By establishing some cost-cutting company-wide printing protocols, your organization can save some green both monetarily and environmentally.  Tip 1: Reusable Forms To Be Scanned Depending on the industry, there may…Read Full Article

Leasing vs. Buying Office Printers and Copiers for Your Company

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(7-min read)  No matter which industry your company is in, having office printer and copier equipment is essential. With this being said, you’re likely looking for the best device for a price that makes sense—a process that has begged the question: “Which is the better deal—leasing or purchasing my office’s printer and copier devices?”  How Leasing…Read Full Article

Buying Office Copiers Online vs. from a Local Dealer (Pros & Cons)

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(10-min read)  “Why should I buy a copier from a local dealership when I can order one online for much less?”   There may be particular upsides and downsides to buying office copier and printer devices online.   Advances in e-commerce have made it virtually (no pun intended) effortless for us to purchase anything online. From cereal to cars,…Read Full Article

Wireless vs. Wired Printing: Which is Best?

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(4-min read) Whether it’s time to select a new printer for the office or you need to make updates to the network system, the question of print connectivity has likely come up. More modern printers will boast of the ease of connectivity over a wireless signal. But is it worth it? In this piece, we’ll…Read Full Article

4 Ways Electronic Content Management Makes Business More Efficient

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(3-min read) It really makes little difference as to the size or style of your industry — professional electronic content management can be a game-changer for the efficiency of your business. You may feel like you have a pretty good system in place already. It may feel like all you need to manage all of…Read Full Article

Accounting For Page Creep in Saddle Stitched Booklets

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(2-min read) You’ve sent off your brochure design to the printer. You’ve accounted for print bleed as well as image resolution (you’re becoming a real pro). Flipping through the pages, you notice that some of the page numbers in the booklet at cut off. Ah, what gives?! A well-designed brochure or booklet is a great…Read Full Article

The Importance of Planning For Print Bleeds

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(2.5-min read) So, you’re designing a new business card or flyer for your company. The preliminary designs are looking great. The edge of your document is lined up perfectly. You send it off to the printers. Upon receiving it back, it seems as though the design doesn’t quite reach the edge. Ugh, what gives?!  It…Read Full Article

Why Are Paper Jams Still a Thing?

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(3-min read) If you have a smartphone in your pocket, you possess a marvel of technological engineering that rivals NASA’s command center that placed a man on the moon. In fact, just the clock function on an iPhone 6 is 32,600 times faster than an Apollo-era NASA computer. Despite the fact that modern technology has…Read Full Article

What Are the Benefits of In-House Production?

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(2.5-min read) Outsourcing production print jobs to an outside production company can certainly come in handy for organizations with low-volume demands. Still, what happens when your demands increase? In this piece, we’re going to look at some of the advantages of in-house production. Cybersecurity Anytime you grant outside entities access to company files, you put…Read Full Article