The Cost of HITECH “Willful Neglect” and the $1,215,780 Copier

shocking business equipment bill

(4-min read) Imagine that your healthcare organization received a bill for $1,215,780 with regard to a single photocopier. “How could this be?” You would likely ask yourself.  Did the staff copy onto sheets of pure gold leaf instead of paper?  Did the copier roll through a floor-to-ceiling window 10-floors up and land on a McLaren…Read Full Article

How GPOs Reduce Costs for Healthcare Office Equipment

group purchasing organization GPO

(4-minute read) The Bigger the Deal, the Greater the Leverage If you’ve ever needed to negotiate the price you pay for goods and services with providers, you can attest to a particular balancing act that takes place. Various factors can shift your bargaining and negotiating power closer to or further away from your side of…Read Full Article

Your Digital John Hancock: How Electronic Signatures Work

how digital signatures work

The process of signing off on a document has progressed leaps and bounds in the past century. With the rise of the internet and telecommuting, the need to obtain approval has both sped up and improved in terms of security. In this piece, we’ll look at how this has evolved and what it means for…Read Full Article

HIPAA For Remote Workers (+14 HIPAA Compliance Tips)

HIPAA compliant

(8:40 min read) If you only knew… Several years ago, in order to make some extra cash, I took on some medical billing processing work from home on the weekends. The work was fairly mindless — mostly taking PDF scans of handwritten charts and punching the necessary codes into a billing system. Before I could do…Read Full Article

Understanding the UETA: a Brief Look at the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act

UETA with e-signature

Disclaimer: This piece is not meant to serve as legal advice. We are not lawyers. We don’t even play lawyers on TV. As a kid, you probably felt like a “pinkie swear” could have held up in court as much as a notarized affidavit. Well, it doesn’t. Neither does a handshake (with or without spit)…Read Full Article