Pain Points Remedied by Outsourcing Your IT

Outsourcing IT

(4-min read) The Growing Importance of Your IT Provider As more offices manage electronic data and teams need to communicate over vast geographic areas, technology has never played a more integral part of the business. Because of this, it has also grown very important to have IT professionals ready to respond to technical issues as…Read Full Article

7 Ways to Spot a Fake (& Possibly Malicious) Email

fake email

(3-min read) The Security Downside of Email We’re all getting more and more emails every day—especially as work-from-home orders have forced more conversations into the virtual space. Hackers realize this and are taking advantage of it. Phishing and spoofing emails are designed to look like legitimate emails from a familiar sender and entice you to…Read Full Article

6 Rules for Using Public WiFi

public wifi

(3-min read) “Free” Can Be Quite Costly People are working on the go more and more these days, and they’re using public WiFi networks at coffee shops and airports to get the job done. Using the “free WiFi” at a public location may also be seen as a handy way to keep from using as…Read Full Article

5 Things to Do If Your Laptop Is Stolen

stolen laptop

(3-min read) How much do you think a stolen laptop costs a company? $500? $1,000? Oddly enough, according to an FBI crime computer crime survey, the average cost of a stolen laptop costs a company $31,975. No, these aren’t cases of immensely expensive laptops, but rather extremely valuable data that can be compromised by nefarious…Read Full Article

Fixing a Data Breach Isn’t Even the Most Expensive Part

lowered consumer confidence with a skeptical customer

Data breaches can wreak havoc on businesses—not only in the price to fix them, but what they do to their image among customers. As we prepare for the release of the 2020 Ponemon Institute Data Breach Report, there is something extremely interesting to note about the 2019 Ponemon Institute Report — the cost to fix a data…Read Full Article

The High Costs of Data Security (Updated)

data protection

Data security problems come in all shapes and sizes. Some are malicious, while others are just human error. Regardless of the nature of the problem, data leaks can be devastating to businesses. Here are some key findings from the 2018 Ponemon Institute report that show just how harmful data leaks can be. Malicious attacks are on…Read Full Article

What’s the Average Cost of IT Downtime?

flushing money down the toilet

(4-min read) System Downtime: Not Just Annoying—Also Immensely Expensive We’ve all been there. You’re chugging away at a nice productive tick when WHAM—your system goes down. Whether a specific document management system goes offline or your internet connection gives out, you’re stuck. After a few moments, you begin to witness the frustration in the office….Read Full Article

The Cost of HITECH “Willful Neglect” and the $1,215,780 Copier

shocking business equipment bill

(4-min read) Imagine that your healthcare organization received a bill for $1,215,780 with regard to a single photocopier. “How could this be?” You would likely ask yourself.  Did the staff copy onto sheets of pure gold leaf instead of paper?  Did the copier roll through a floor-to-ceiling window 10-floors up and land on a McLaren…Read Full Article

The Right Tools & Equipment For Remote Working Success

woman working remotely from home in headset

(12-min read) More than ever, organizations of all sizes and every conceivable industry find themselves grappling with mobilizing their workforces. In this piece, we’re going to outline the preferred tools, equipment, and practices necessary to manage the technology needs of a newly-remote workforce.  Internet Connections A worker’s home internet connection has become their lifeline to…Read Full Article

SIM Card Hijacking Scams: What They Are & How to Protect Yourself

sim hijacking

(3.5-min read) Cybersecurity threats are always after your information. Fortunately, there are many new methods of keeping threats at bay, such as two-factor authentification. As we’ve discussed before, two-factor authentification requires a secondary form of identification before access is granted to specific accounts. The primary second factor many choose is a text message or phone…Read Full Article