What is a Private Label Printer Lease?

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(6-min read) There are some great reasons to finance office printers or copiers through leasing. However, who actually holds your company’s printer device lease depends on an array of factors. Though most companies would prefer to keep their leases in-house with the dealership to simplify matters, leasing and financing are sometimes handed off to secondary…Read Full Article

Should My Church or Non-Profit Buy or Lease Its Printing Equipment?

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(8-min read) “We’ve purchased and leased before. We know what’s best.”  The issue of buying or leasing has likely already come up during committee meetings for your church, synagogue, mosque, or other non-profit organization. When your staff or congregant numbers started to push against what your facilities could handle, you had to decide to lease…Read Full Article

$1 Buyout vs. Fair Market Value (FMV) Copier & MFD Leasing

1 dollar buyout vs fmv lease

(4-min read)  For many businesses, financing equipment that is subject to depreciation not only makes the most logistical sense but also the most economic sense. Why should you pay to own something that will only get worse over time? Unless your company can afford to simply purchase all of your printers, copiers, and MFDs (that…Read Full Article

Is a Coterminous Equipment Lease a Good Idea?

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(4-min read) Leasing equipment, whether you’re a law firm in need of copiers, a hospital in need of scanners, or a business in need of phone systems, all of these agreements come with time-based contracts. These lease contracts typically state that you have the use of said equipment over a certain number of years for…Read Full Article

Leasing vs. Buying Office Printers and Copiers for Your Company

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(7-min read)  No matter which industry your company is in, having office printer and copier equipment is essential. With this being said, you’re likely looking for the best device for a price that makes sense—a process that has begged the question: “Which is the better deal—leasing or purchasing my office’s printer and copier devices?”  How Leasing…Read Full Article

What You Need to Know When Your Lease Is About to Expire

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When companies want the latest office technology but don’t want to make a big capital investment, they will often lease the equipment instead of buying. This is a great solution for businesses all over the country, but what happens when the lease is up? Seeing as how a good multifunction device isn’t cheap, it’s important that…Read Full Article