Data Security Mistakes Small Businesses Need to Avoid


While every business in the world is vulnerable to data security risks, small businesses have a smaller margin for error and can’t afford the high costs associated with a data breach like larger companies might be able to. However, most small businesses are not prepared to deal with security risks. Only 14% of small businesses…Read Full Article

Financial Benefits of Managed IT

managed IT

Managed IT services can include everything from remote monitoring and backup disaster recovery, to cloud computing and 24/7 help desk support. These features give unbelievable value to companies, but many are hesitant to switch to an outsourced managed IT service. However, studies show that switching to managed IT can provide considerable financial benefits in a…Read Full Article

Workplace Identity Theft Prevention Tips

Each day, businesses handle confidential data containing everything from trade secrets and market research, to employee social security numbers and home addresses. Current news headlines about hacking and stolen laptops have shown that the release of any proprietary data can have catastrophic results. Economic implications are only part of the negative results, as companies can…Read Full Article

Workplace Identity Theft Tips

identity theft

Every day, businesses deal with confidential data containing everything from company trade secrets and marketing research, to social security numbers and addresses of employees. Recent news headlines make us all painfully aware of the disastrous consequences of a data breach. Financial implications are only a portion of the consequences, as organizations can now face fines…Read Full Article

Office Printer Security Risks

officer printer security risks

Responsible businesses go to great lengths to ensure the security of their data, and with good reason. A data breach can cost a company thousands of dollars, their reputation, and even criminal penalties in certain industries subject to regulatory compliance. Despite their efforts to protect their data, many organizations fail to protect one vulnerability found…Read Full Article

Are Security Experts Wrong About Passwords?

password security

For years now we’ve been educated on the importance of ‘strong’ passwords and what constitutes a strong password. When creating a password, you must include both letters and numbers, with at least one of those letters capitalized, to help ensure your privacy. Be sure to include a special character as well, and avoiding personally-identifiable information,…Read Full Article