Designing Your Ideal Business Technology Deal (+Free Worksheet)

printer service contract

(5-min read) As a leader within a company or organization, you’ve likely had your run-ins with different business technology vendors. These companies supply your team with copiers, printers, and other tools you need to get the job done. Some of these arrangements have likely been extremely positive. Other aspects—maybe not so great. Wouldn’t it be…Read Full Article

Why Are Retail Desktop MFDs So Much Cheaper Than Commercial Models?

cheaper retail consumer MFD printer

(6-min read) While shopping for new printers, copiers, or multifunction devices (MFDs), you may be shocked by the stark price difference between retail consumer devices and commercial-grade devices. The prices for consumer-grade equipment may look pretty attractive while commercial-grade devices seem exponentially more expensive. What gives?! They’re both essentially doing the same job, right?  Well,…Read Full Article

What is a Service-Level Agreement? Your Introduction to SLAs

service level agreement SLA explanation

(5-min read)  If you run or manage a business, you likely need things—services you can’t (or don’t want to) do on your own or product management you’d assume leave to another entity. From phone systems to printer equipment maintenance, there are many advantages to outsourcing a variety of such responsibilities to an outside company. In…Read Full Article

Service Levels Can Make or Break Office Productivity


When picking a new fleet of copiers, multifunctional products or printers, the quality of the service contract is just as vital as the quality of the product. All vendors say they have the best service, but how can you be sure a vendor can back it up after you sign the contract? It takes a…Read Full Article

When Service Is More Valuable Than Technology


For better or worse, modern businesses rely on technology, equipment, and hardware to function properly. Between computers, servers, printers, scanners, etc., companies need equipment to be in optimum working condition at all times. Despite technological advances and improvements, machines will malfunction and servers will go down. When equipment goes down, work grinds to a halt…Read Full Article

Why Printer Maintenance Isn’t a DIY Project

Printer Maintenance

From home repairs to car mechanics, we’d all love to be able to fix everything ourselves. It’s always tempting to roll up your sleeves in hopes of saving some money. However, when it comes to office equipment, office staff members are often ill prepared to wrestle with potential problems. Here are a few reasons why…Read Full Article

The Importance of Servicing Your Office Equipment

printer repair

In order for your office equipment to function properly, you need to take good care of it. Whether it’s in the form of a full-blown Managed Print Services (MPS) program, or just keeping up with regular maintenance, here are some reasons why servicing your equipment will help you get a good return on your equipment. Higher…Read Full Article

Top Tips for Keeping Your Copier in Tip Top Shape


You may not think about it every day, but copier maintenance is vital to keeping your business running smoothly. If the copier goes down, it can put a real damper on employees’ productivity and cost you a hefty repair bill. Ideally, you’ll have a service agreement in place before you run into problems. The best…Read Full Article

Quick Fixes for Everyday Printer Problems


Tiny printing problems happen to everybody — it’s the nature of the beast! Luckily, most of these small snags are easy to fix without the need for expert backup. These tips will help you tackle some of the most common printing glitches: Paper Jam Open the printer and find the trapped paper (check the interface…Read Full Article